ZENMED is a manufacturer and retailer of skin care products. They offer a wide range of both cosmetics and treatment products. At their online store, you can easily find a variety of products for the treatment of conditions such as acne, eczema, rashes, stretch marks, and much more. However, their prices may shock you at first if you’re not prepared – even though their products’ quality is exceptional, they still ask quite a bit of money for them.

You can order anything they’re manufacturing straight from the company’s own website, which is always an advantage as you’re cutting the middle man costs. However, even with that in mind, the prices listed for most of the items still seemed rather high – especially when it comes to their face treatment creams. On the other hand, looking for opinions on the Internet, we managed to find many people expressing great satisfaction with the quality they’ve received, so perhaps the high prices are backed up by something substantial after all.

ZENMED also offers hemorrhoid solutions, which have become far and inbetween on today’s market for some reason – it’s not easy to treat this specific condition, and the recent lack of quality products doesn’t exactly help that fact; but ZENMED not only provides a good range of products for the treatment of hemorrhoids, they also offer free articles related to the treatment of the condition directly on the website! You don’t even have to sign up or make a purchase, the articles are presented right there on the front page, you just need to follow the appropriate links. How often do you see that in other stores?

If you’re not looking to solve a problem, but just to keep your face in a good condition overall, you’ll still be delighted by what this store offers – from creams and lotions to pads soaked with healthy substances, this store has it all. We even picked a few ones for ourselves – they’ve got really good deals when it comes to facial treatment products. And by “really good deals” we mean in terms of prices as well – really, if they can afford to offer those products at such low rates, we’re surprised they need to charge so much for the rest of their selection.

Some things turned out to be a bit problematic when shopping from ZENMED though – shipments arrive slowly, and the price of shipping itself is rather high (come on, you’re already paying a lot for the product itself, you’d think you’d be a bit relieved at the checkout – but no), and you’re going to have some even more serious troubles if you come from Asia.

Still, if you ignore those problems, you’re going to find a lot of useful products sold at ZENMED’s website – and if you know how to look for a good deal and ignore the inflated prices on some of their other products, you should be able to get yourself equipped with some high-grade skin care items.


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