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VitaPal Review

Yet another one of the lately numerous online health product stores, VitaPal offers some solid deals and good discount offers on the products listed there, plus they’ve managed to build a name of trustworthiness. If you’ve never heard of this particular store before, it may be worth paying it a visit, as you’ll likely be surprised by the amount of products offered, as well as the prices they’re listed under.

Pricing and Product Variety

One of the major points of VitaPal is the product variety – you can actually see a small logo stating that the store holds over twenty thousand different brands, which is quite an impressive catalog – no need to even compare it to other stores to realize that. All kinds of health conditions and medical needs have been covered, and you’re more than likely to find any product that you may need.

The prices are great, with lots of discounts running on a regular basis. On the front page, you can see what the current hot deals are, and it’s not rare to see price tags slashed in half, with such offers going on constantly – this is something rather unique about this store. An interesting feature is that you can even order your products on a scheduled basis, receiving a given set of products regularly. Really convenient and time-saving.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The website’s design may seem a bit strange to those with wider monitors, as it’s packed into the left side of the screen – while some centering would’ve probably done it more justice, it still looks okay and serves its purpose. There aren’t any obvious technical issues with the design, and everything works smoothly, all the way to the checkout.

On the visual side, we already mentioned that the site could use some improvements – but apart from that, it looks nice and clean. You can easily see the current hot offers straight on the front page, as we mentioned earlier, and the design is soothing and easy on the eyes, without any flashy or distracting design elements being used.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Buying something from VitaPal is very easy, they’re using a standard, high-quality checkout system and you should have no problems picking your products and proceeding to the checkout area. It may load a bit slowly at times, but that’s understandable if you’re browsing the store during peak hours. Additionally, we should warn you to not click any buttons twice while looking around the checkout menus, as they have made the visual indication for clicking them somewhat ambiguous.

The level of support here is great, and there’s even a toll-free hotline that you can call to talk about any issues you’re having with the website. Apart from that, there’s an e-mail service as well, and you should know that they actually take customer suggestions quite seriously here.


With so many health product stores around, it’s not always easy to find the right one – but with VitaPal, you’re at least making a move in the right direction. Definitely recommended!


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