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Eating healthy snacks these days can be almost as expensive as going out to eat at a fast food restaurant. It seems that anything that’s in demand ends up costing you twice as much as eating pizza pockets out of the freezer, or going down to your favorite burger joint and getting a fatty burger. That’s what is keeping North Americans fat and out of shape. While you may have found a way to incorporate healthy meats and vegetables in to your dinner routine, snacks can be just as devastating to a carefully thought out healthy diet plan. That’s where a rising healthy living company called Vitalicious comes into the equation.

Vitalicious offers a full line of healthful baked goods, sure to please any single person, or health-minded family. They’ve put together snacks and baked desserts packed full of vitamins, minerals and plant based alternatives to the sugary snacks we’ve all become accustomed to. The best part about the Vitalicious game plan is that they take the temptation of the tempting goody aisle in the supermarket — by bringing everything right to your door. Call it a relationship with good food, it’s coming over to your home, whether you invited it or not.

You can either order ready-made baked muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes and pies — or you can order the healthy ingredients and have them delivered so you can still enjoy the smell of them while your cooking on a Sunday afternoon.

Vitalicious doesn’t label their company as a weight loss company, but with many portions weighing in at 100 calories, with under 6 grams of fat: it goes without saying that you can easily incorporate their holistic approach into a diet routine. As mentioned, it’s really up the customer whether or not you choose the prepared option, or the bare ingredients approach: But with everyone opting for ready-made foods to fit into their busy lives, it doesn’t hurt to have something you know is healthy ready for you and your family come snack time.

For some interesting variety, Vitalicious has taken a popular idea from the Seinfeld TV sitcom popular back in the 90s: Muffin Tops. By eliminating part the conventional muffin (the bottom) along with using low calorie, high fiber ingredients, the muffin tops are an instant, healthy snack for everyone.

The plant sterols used in every one of the Vitalicious snacks and desserts are scientifically proven to lower and help regulate healthy cholesterol levels.

The population is booming and it’s up to us as individuals to make healthy food choices. More importantly, you need to pass on healthy eating habits to the next generation. For over a decade, we’ve known that obesity is on the rise in this country, yet so few of us are actually changing the way we live. Visit the Vitalicious company website today, to start making a change in your website. Once your happy with the products they offer, you will undoubtedly pass the word on to friends and family to help change their lives as well. Join the over 2 million Americans who have already welcomed this concept into their daily lives.

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  1. Jen Says:

    I enjoy eating Vitalicious snacks. I have incorporated them into my diet plan. Great review!

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