VitaDigest Review

VitaDigest deals with all sorts of products, mainly in the supplement category. You can find all kinds of health-related products listed on the store’s website, including sports supplements, nutritional programs, vitamins and herbs; but also, totally unrelated items like jewelry, clothes (including shoes), as well as body care and cosmetics. The diversity is great, but how’s the customer service?

Product Selection and Prices

Like we said, you can find all sorts of unexpected things listed in this store. If you’re after health supplements, you’re going to have a blast shopping here, as they offer quite a wide range of them – from popular (and accordingly expensive) brands, to some lesser-known ones that will set you back considerably less, too – you can get anything here. And if you need vitamins or other kinds of auxiliary supplements, the store even has some attractive bulk offers for those.

In regards to their selection of other items, like clothing and jewelry, it was satisfactory – although it’s clear that the store doesn’t exactly specialize in those. You can still find some good bargains for moderately good prices from time to time though, and new items appear to be added on a weekly basis, so keep checking back regularly.

Design and Navigation

A bit clumsy in this regard, VitaDigest leaves a lot to be desired. You may have some trouble getting from point A to point B in a clear manner, especially if you have a habit of browsing several categories. Our best suggestion would be to make use of tabbed browsing as much as possible to alleviate this.

Visually, the situation is still the same – the website doesn’t really impress much, and it actually leaves a sense of being rushed and unfinished, especially judging by their choice of colors and fonts.

Ordering and Customer Support

Placing an order is easy, though somewhat confusing at times. You can vouch for free shipping, but that’s not clearly listed anywhere and in most cases, you’ll have to discover it by chance by simply looking at the different types of shipping fees when checking out. Receiving your order can also take a bit longer than usual, so make sure you plan ahead – and be especially wary of ordering any items that are commonly listed as out of stock, as you may end up having to wait a long time before getting your hands on them.

Final Thoughts

We feel that the store should just stick to what they were originally specializing in (health products, apparently), as mixing their stock with unrelated items only leads to bloating the service – it’s clear that its design has grown out of control, and what was originally meant to be a simple store with several categories has now developed into a large outlet, which sadly lacks a consistent way to navigate it. If you can cope with the poor design decisions though, and you’re fine with getting offers for things you don’t need every once in a while, you should enjoy purchasing here.

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