Upurea Pure Natural Beauty Review

Upurea is not your standard, run of the mill cosmetics website. This is a store for people concerned about the well-being of the environment, and themselves as well. Yes, we’re talking about the so-called “green” people – if you think you fall into that category, then you should definitely check out this store!

Product Selection and Prices

Talking about Upurea’s product range wouldn’t really be fair. You won’t find many of your regular brands here – every product on the website is picked according to several factors, mostly how green it is and what ingredients it contains. You can find products specifically aimed at vegans and vegetarians, nut-free products for people with allergy problems, as well as recyclable products – and even ones designed from recycled materials.

Most of the items come cheaply, and discounts are available for many of them as well. You can vouch for free shipping with purchases over a certain amounts as well, so that’s another plus to consider for this store.

Design and Navigation

The design of Upurea is very impressive – it’s a perfect implementation of the minimalistic idea, using as few colors and navigation elements as possible, while still maintaining a high level of functionality. You can sort products by a variety of criteria, and browse the vast number of descriptive categories. Whatever it is that you need, you’ll be able to find it quickly by going through the menus.

Sometimes the servers tended to respond a bit slowly though, but we’ll have to be fair and say that this was usually during peak hours, and it’s understandable that the website may get a little overloaded handling the heavy traffic in and out of it. However, we’d prefer if they simply upgraded their servers instead of forcing users to have to cope with slowdowns, as impatience can sometimes produce erroneous results such as placing an order multiple times, or placing the wrong one – not that we experienced any of this, but still.

Ordering and Customer Support

Placing an order is quick and without any obvious hitches; you’ll get recommendations for products you may like, plus you’ll see what discounts you can apply for if you buy other products along with the ones you’re getting. Shipping was quick, if a bit slower than some other websites from the same region – and the products arrived in perfect condition, plus they were packaged really neatly. Thumbs up for Upurea here!

Final Thoughts

If you’re not a green activist, this may not be an interesting store to you at all – the products offered won’t be attractive to you in many ways; but if you actually are concerned with the environment and are always adjusting your lifestyle to better accommodate that fact – than you’re going to have a blast shopping here! You’ll be able to find replacements for most of the products you’re currently using, which will bring you one step closer to living a truly green life.


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