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Tyent USA Review

Drinking ionized water is becoming a really popular trend in modern society – more and more people are realizing the highly beneficial effects of this type of water, and are turning to home-products that can produce it. If you haven’t heard about the idea before, it’s based on the fact that ionized water helps deal with free radicals in your body, and acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps cleanse your organism and produce a healthy output from all of your organs.

Pricing and Product Variety

Tyent USA is a well-known manufacturer of water ionizers, as well as other similar well-being products related to drinking water. At their online store, you can buy their several models of water ionizers, which currently come in two very popular varieties – the MMP-7070 Turbo and the MMP-7070 Standard. Even though those are the flagship products of the company, their store also offers a good selection on other items, such as stainless steel water bottles, replacement filters and on-the-go ionizers.

Don’t come to this store with a light pocket though – the water ionizers sold here are state of the art in modern technology, and their price tags are accordingly high as well. It will cost you well over $1000 to get even the most basic model, and if you want to opt for the more advanced features of the expensive ones, you’d better know what you’re after precisely.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store immediately makes quite a solid impression with its visuals – its design is very eye-catching, with lots of eye candy and flashy elements guiding you through the various menus. Its color scheme accents on the blue color, as you’ll come to expect from a store that deals with water-related products.

The amount of eye candy doesn’t interfere with your browsing though – in fact, the layout of the store has been made in a very streamlined fashion, letting you get around its different areas in a flash. It’s very intuitive to use and even if you’re not very good with computers to begin with, you should feel right at home placing your purchases here – or even just browsing around randomly.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Speaking of placing your purchases, it should be noted that the store is using a proprietary checkout system, which we’ve noticed works remarkably better than what we’ve seen from some other online stores recently. It’s very fast, can process lots of data seamlessly, and can even work in the background while displaying your page content, if the process takes too long.

The store also offers a good amount of information on their products, as well as on the benefits of ionized water in general. Thus, you can find out exactly how you’ll be benefiting your organism before you decide to invest in this type of product.


Change your lifestyle today – drinking ionized water is a simple change that will reflect heavily on your well-being – and Tyent USA are making it that much easier for you to get there!


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