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Touch of Europe Review

An online store for the ones with more exquisite tastes and needs, Touch of Europe offers a variety of grocery products as well as bath, spa and home decor items. You can also find linen care products as well, and the website can satisfy your trickier coulinary desires.

Product Selection and Prices

Touch of Europe offers a very impressive product selection, and they can serve you just about anything you may need. If you’re after some special foods, you can get various gourmet pastes and high-grade candy, not to mention the oils and confitures. Of course, when we say gourmet, you shouldn’t expect your regular, grocery store-grade stuff – we’re talking about high-quality foods here, and you’ll have to pay a bit more to get your hands on them.

The store also offers a fine selection of herbs, spices, and last but not least – a good variety of honeys, some of which looked quite attractive.

Design and Navigation

A simple, if not a bit outdated design, it serves the user rather well. You should have no problem navigating this store and locating your desired products – although the current hot offers could be a bit hard to find, as they’re not given specific focus on the front page. Still, if you look around a bit, you should be able to find those deals with just a few clicks on the top-level menus.

The design is easy on the eyes and the colors have been picked appropriately, nothing worth noting here. It does strike as a bit old though, so we’d be happy to see it renewed a little.

Ordering and Customer Support

We managed to place an order after experiencing some minor hassles during the checkout process (the credit card number failed verification at first for some reason), and the products arrived shortly after in great condition. We actually ordered several foods to see how they would ship them, and they arrived completely fresh and ready for consumption – really impressive, considering the wide range of products they’ve got in stock. Keeping them all fresh must be quite a chore, but they seem to be managing it just perfectly.

Final Thoughts

A good, high-quality gourmet store. Touch of Europe isn’t your regular grocery store, so don’t expect to buy cheap foods from there – although you may find a few products that fit this description, the majority of items listed on the website cost more for a good reason. If you value true quality though, you should be delighted by the choices you’re offered and the quality of service you’ll get from Touch of Europe, and it’s very likely that you’ll become a recurring customer – we can say we would, if this type of service interested us!

Our final mark for this store would be pretty much perfect – it could just use some revision on the visual aspect of its design, but that’s not a big deal at all. It still works flawlessly, and the content is what’s important after all.


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