Tony Little – America’s Personal Trainer Review

It’s Tony Little! If you’re American, you have no excuse for not having heard of this guy. Whether you’ve seen him on TV or in relation to some bodybuilding tutorial you found, Tony Little is a famous figure in the American bodybuilding community, calling himself “America’s Personal Trainer.” Well, some of you may be unfamiliar with the fact that Mr. Little provides his own line of bodybuilding products and accessories, sold directly from his personal website!

Pricing and Product Variety

The store contains various kinds of products – we expected to find mostly training machines and DVD sets, but we were delighted to see categories such as nutrition and food items, clothing, footwear (it even has its own category!), and last but not least, wellness products designed for improving your lifestyle (and not helping you sweat harder). Something else that came as a pleasant surprise were the prices – with most such stores, you pay a lot of money which ends up going into a brand name and nothing more – but here, everything is priced reasonably and nothing is overinflated. In fact, some of the fitness training equipment seemed rather cheap for what it was worth.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store could use a slight redesign, we’ll have to be honest here. It’s not exactly cutting edge in its visuals, and its categories are spread too inconsistently and list their products in a not very organized way. Some of the colors tend to clash with each other too much, and overall, it gives the impression of having been made by a non-professional.

On the functional side of things though, we can’t really complain – they’ve used a good checkout system that works flawlessly, and gives no trouble when navigating the store, making your picks and finally proceeding to the checkout area. They’ve even managed to throw in some tools that give you helpful bits of information on your purchases, such as what else you could buy to complement what you’re getting, as well as products you may be interested in.

Purchasing and Customer Support

We explained the checkout system more or less in detail above, and there’s not much to add to that – you shouldn’t experience any problems in this area of the website.

As for customer support, it’s been dedicated to its own section, where you can find comprehensive lists of information, not just on using the store and making purchases, but also on how to more effectively train and become a better bodybuilder (considering this information is provided for free, it’s quite the bonus!).


It’s nice to see a celebrity try to make some money without inflating their ego too much and raising their prices sky high – so Tony Little definitely deserves our praise for his store. It’s a delightful place to shop at, offers a good variety of products, and with the prices and conditions, you just can’t go wrong!


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