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ThePerfumeSpot Review

Perfumes, colognes – whatever you use to give that special fragrance to your style, you can buy it from dozens of places online. The Perfume Spot initially gives the impression of being just another one of the many stores of its kind, but when you delve into it a bit deeper, you quickly find out that it’s quite a special store with a lot more to offer than your generic perfume retailer.

Pricing and Product Variety

One of the important points to make about The Perfume Spot is their pricing scheme. Unlike many other retailers, who capitalize on the brands they’re selling by bumping up the prices tremendously, everything is priced smoothly at The Perfume Spot. No outrageous price tags in sight, and in fact, some of the promotions they’ve got running here will make you think twice about checking out too soon.

You’ll find a plentiful variety of brands in the store, with some well-known names showing up in the lists alongside others, not so popular brands. The choice here should be able to satisfy any kind of taste, regardless if you’re a man or a woman, or what brands you prefer – you should be able to make your perfect choice here.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The site comes off a bit flashy at first, but that impression is quickly corrected as your eyes go around the various navigation elements, all colored in smooth shades and blending in together nicely. Instead of concentrating on one color, the designers have taken the approach of color-coding the various sections of the website, which adds to the ease of navigation quite a lot.

You can browse the products by several common characteristics, such as brand name or product type, and the store’s search engine is powerful enough to bring up relevant results when being queried in some trickier and unexpected ways. All in all, the site is well-done from both a technological and designer’s point of view.

Purchasing and Customer Support

This is one of those aspects of The Perfume Spot we were telling you about – the ones that make it stand out from the competition almost instantly. The level of customer support here is absolutely stunning – you’ll not only have quick access to all kinds of information related to your products, but you’ll also get suggestions on what to shop for, recommendations based on both your taste and the current hot trends, and more – it’s obvious that the store has simply been designed with helping you in mind, and it certainly works that way once you get into it.

We had no problems placing an order and received it promptly, so we’ll have to rate the store highly in this regard as well.


While it may seem like just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill fragrance retailer, The Perfume Spot quickly adds to that impression and shines for its true value – the ability to provide high quality products and service to its customers at low rates.


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