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SuperJeweler Review

Jewelry is a perfect attribute to any style of clothing for both men and women – and shopping for it from the appropriate places can make all the difference.

Nowadays, some shops tend to inflate their prices way too much, especially in the online area – it can be somewhat challenging to find a store that provides good deals on jewelry while also maintaining their other aspects top notch.

SuperJeweler is one that definitely deserves more attention than it’s getting, especially if you consider some of the deals offered here.

Pricing and Product Variety

One great thing about SuperJeweler is the variety of products you can find here – from regular items like bracelets, earrings and necklaces, to some more specific pieces of jewelry, such as promise rings, wedding bands, and even diamond-encrusted tennis bracelets. There are many categories to browse, and both men and women alike should be able to find something that goes nicely on them.

We mentioned above that the products here are offered at some very attractive prices – and you’ll want to check out the current hot deals whenever you open the store. You can frequently get discounts up to 50% on some of the more popular items, and this even includes some of those from the luxury categories – the savings there are absolutely terrific in fact.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s design is in line with most other online jewelry retailers – simple and concentrated on the content primarily. The categories are listed on the left, with some of the most popular ones spread out on the top of the page. You can also easily access the informative areas of the website, as well as the promotional pages that offer some of the more lucrative deals.

In the visual department, it can use a bit more flashy imagery here and there – considering it is, after all, selling flashy items primarily – but the current design works more or less well too. There’s nothing obtrusive about the colors or the layout of the elements, and overall the design is a pleasure on the eyes.

Purchasing and Customer Support

You may enjoy some of their check-out deals, such as the free gifts you’re getting with your every purchase, and the pieces of information you’re given while making your way to the checkout area. From then on, making your payment and submitting your purchase details is easy and quick.

The store features a good level of customer support, though it’s not online 24/7 and you’ll have to catch them in their predetermined hours. We couldn’t manage to test that aspect of the store, though we’re sure it’s in line with everything else we’ve seen so far.


If you want to spice your looks up with some shiny jewels, or make your loved one happy for that special occasion, this store will serve you quite nicely. It may not be top of the line, but it’s still quite a reputable place to do your shopping at.


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