StrawberryNET Review

On StrawberryNET, you can find a selection of cosmetics at discount prices. With a good product range, high quality of service and some amazing shipping offers, this store very easily stands out from the competition – but is there more to know about it than just what’s already popular knowledge? We placed a few orders, and even though the products arrived promptly and as promised, there were some problems – read on to find out what.

Product Selection and Prices

Very satisfactory – even though we couldn’t find some popular brands, they still had a good selection of just about everything. You can find cosmetics for the whole body, and from a number of manufacturers – nothing to note in a negative way here. Prices are what makes this site really attractive though – they offer many of their products at huge discounts, which may make you think about buying something you don’t even need in the first place! That’s not exactly innovative, but it’s becoming a rarity today to see a website with such a good price range for their products.

Design and Navigation

The website is a pleasure to work with. Easy to navigate and get to where you need, nicely structured menus and logical placement of everything. If anything should be noted at all, it should be that there is a noticeable overuse of colors in the design at times – but nothing too serious or experience-breaking, really.

Ordering and Customer Support

While placing an order was easy and shipment was quick, there’s one problem – you’ll have to pay the customs fines, even though you won’t be warned of that in advance. Those fines can sometimes be quite substantial, depending on what you’re buying – but on the bright side, there’s an easy way to avoid them – you can just ask the store to mark your package as a gift, and you should be cleared of any customs taxes. It’s an old trick that should be familiar to most people, but the store won’t use it by default, so you’ll have to let them know of your preferences.

Support was adequate, if a bit too abundant in information in some areas – it could use some more streamlining and organization, but it’s no big deal, as you can still find whatever information concerns you rather easily and effortlessly. Live support is sometimes available, but it seemed to be based on luck more than anything else – which doesn’t speak very well, but at least they offer some live support at all, unlike other stores.

Final Thoughts

The website seems to be experiencing some downtime issues frequently – we couldn’t find out exactly how often it happens, but it did seem to be a frequent occurrence. Take this into consideration if you’re planning on shopping there often – always make your purchases well in advance and stock up highly on items you find yourself using a lot. These may be redundant tips for some, but with this store, they should be reinforced. Apart from that, nothing bad to note – the website is okay.


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