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Stauer Review

They say that a man’s status can be easily identified by three accessories – shoes, glasses, and watch. And while you can shop for the first two from all sorts of reputable places online nowadays, finding a quality watch store tends to be somewhat of a problem – at least if you’re after some of the more obscure high-grade brands.

Stauer is a very renowned and well-stocked web store that deals with watches exclusively, and provides a wide choice of different models – and not just men’s, of course – there are plenty of models for the ladies as well.

Pricing and Product Variety

There are many famous and some not so well-known brands of watches listed here, and they’re divided into appropriate categories in accordance to their gender orientation, as well as overall style. You can also shop by brands, if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Stauer offers a selection of other accessories as well, such as eyewear, collectible coins and fine art paintings, though the main focus here is on the watches.

Prices range from cheap to very expensive, with the cheap ones being few and inbetween – take note that this store deals primarily with luxury, expensive watches, so don’t expect anything cheap here.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s design is decent on the visual side, but it can seem a bit outdated to some. Still, it’s catchy enough for the theme it’s representing, and the colors used blend in nicely. It accents on the brighter colors and shades, and in terms of layout it uses a standard one with the menu elements laid out in a column on the left, and the important content on the right.

We should note that the store could use some improvement in the organization of their contents – that is to say, it looks somewhat cluttered and unappealing right now, especially when you’re looking at the front page – but the impression isn’t that strong and overall the pleasant appeal from the store’s design is what prevails.

Purchasing and Customer Support

When you’re shopping for high-quality watches, you’d expect the same grade of service when making your actual purchase – and you won’t be let down at Stauer. The checkout menu is very easy and accessible, and provides for quick access to finalizing your purchase. Take special note of the promotions you’ll be offered as you’re leaving the website, as sometimes the best deals are hidden in those areas exactly.

There’s a 24/7 hotline available, which is good to see when compared to most other stores that only feature a hotline in some predetermined hours. Of course, the times you’d actually need to use this type of service won’t be so many, but it’s always great to see it available.


If you’ve decided to finally get your wrist something appropriately stylish, this is definitely one of the places you should start with. The selection here is good, and you won’t be disappointed by the level of service either.


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