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Smashbox Review

Dealing with cosmetics, Smashbox is easily one of the most popular websites of its kind. Even though the products they sell come from their own company exclusively, this shouldn’t stop you from seeing them as an outstanding store that offers a great variety of items to choose from – and at some rather attractive prices, too!

Pricing and Product Variety

For a cosmetics store, Smashbox is quite heavily stocked with all sorts of products and accessories – doesn’t matter which part of your looks you’re in need of altering, this is one of the better choices you can make for it. Obviously we can’t comment on their brand variety as there simply is none, but still, even though the products come from the same manufacturer, the variety is huge (not in the quality though).

Prices are in the medium range – while the cosmetics offered here aren’t cheap, they’re still quite attractive in comparison with some competitors’ products on the market right now. Plus, there are promotions running all the time that will give you an even greater bang for your buck – for example, if you live in the US, you can actually get a free shipping on your order, regardless what you’ve purchased!

Ease of Use and Visuals

The website does have some technical issues in its design, sadly. It appears that it hasn’t been extensively tested with different browsers, as it can produce some visual errors that can hinder your navigation. Furthermore, it tends to load some sections slowly, and the organization isn’t that good either – it’s not very easy to get to your section of choice, though once you get used to the menus, you should find it considerably easier to navigate the website.

The visual aspect of the design is very stylish, emphasizing on dark colors and putting an accent on red and pink. The overall combination is very smooth and pleasing, but we’d really prefer they sorted out their technical problems before spending time on eye candy.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Customer care is a great deal at Smashbox, as you’re guided through the checkout process in a very neat and convenient way. There weren’t any noticeable problems in the process, and the store makes it obvious enough that they’re running promotions, and even more obvious if those promotions can potentially benefit you. Very impressive and a genuine pleasure to work with. You can also use the appropriate menus to find the company’s physical stores in your vicinity, which is certainly useful.


Even though the technical problems may cause you to grind your teeth on a few occasions, if you manage to get past that and see the store for the products they offer, you’ll find it a fantastic place to shop for your cosmetics. Even though you probably won’t restrict yourself to this one store (seriously, we doubt there’s a single person that uses only one brand of cosmetics), it will still fill your collection with some very nice additions.


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