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Smart for Life Cookie Diet Review

Living healthy and enjoying cookies are two activities that seemingly don’t mix together very well – or, in other words, at all. However, some companies have taken upon themselves to make it easier for those of us who’re concerned with our health to enjoy our lives without having to sacrifice that much of what we enjoy eating. Thus, various recipes for healthy cookies came up on the market – Smart for Life is the brand name of one manufacturer of such products, who also happens to have its own website and online store.

Pricing and Product Variety

Not much to talk about in terms of product variety here – there are several types of cookies, packaged in large sets. You can also find other culinary products, such as shakes and soups, muffins as well as creamers and cereals. They offer a nice selection of products for the small store that it is, and whatever your taste may be, you’ll likely find something you’d enjoy around this store.

The prices are noticeably high though – take for example a 5-weeks’ worth of supply of cookies, which will cost you a whole $199.99 – that’s two hundred dollars for a bunch of cookies, basically! We understand how they want to provide healthy, high-grade products, but at these prices we’re not sure how many people would be willing to become regular customers. On the other hand, 5 weeks isn’t a short period of time, so having enough cookies to go for so long may not be such a bad investment after all – if you enjoy this type of food so much.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s design is nice and clean, giving special focus to the amount of servings included in each package. You can get some cookie batches that combine several flavors, with 2-3 weeks’ worth of supplies in one category and as many from another. That way, you can get a lot of different cookie types without having to pay for several different packages (which can set you back quite a bit).

Purchasing and Customer Support

There’s a great deal of customer care in this store, mostly emphasized in their checkout process – you can examine your cart very easily, and you have quick access to information on the shipment costs and terms, as well as the accepted forms of payment. There’s a section dedicated to providing you information on the latest promotions and discounts, plus you can track your order’s status at any time, which is always a great convenience when you’re shopping online.

There’s not that much in terms of customer support though – apart from the standard help section, you won’t find much else. There’s a section that can help you pick the right tastes for your liking though, which is a somewhat unique feature for this store that’s worth mentioning.


As you can see, you don’t need to sacrifice the joy of tasty foods if you want to live healthy – all you need is the right information and the right kinds of products – and here at Smart for Life, you’re very likely to find them.


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