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Simply Whispers Review

Jewels can be bought left and right on the Internet today. But not many stores care about your allergies and skin conditions – that is, if you know what you shouldn’t wear, in most cases you can do your own shopping if you’re just careful with your purchases.

Sometimes though, the stores aren’t clear enough in the nature of their items, or you simply aren’t that well-informed. Simply Whispers is an online jewelry retailer that specializes in allergy-safe jewelry, meant for people whose skin is overly sensitive to nickel and related metals.

Pricing and Product Variety

There’s plenty of products here to choose from. Having an allergy doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to a select few items from your local store – and Simply Whispers is the perfect proof of that. Not only do they offer some quite popular and high-quality brands, but they also don’t concentrate on jewelry only, offering some accessories such as watches and complete sets of matching items. We would advise you to have a look at their clip-on earrings section, even if you’re not a huge fan of this type of earrings – the designs in there are quite attractive for the most part.

Pricing varies greatly, with some products being available very cheaply and others costing noticeably more. You’re probably guessing that the quality of the jewels varies with their prices accordingly – and you wouldn’t be far off the line. Prices are mostly justified by what you’re getting, but if we had to criticise them we’d point out how ridiculously expensive their watches can get.

Ease of Use and Visuals

Now this is something that’ll make us stop the praise for a little while and pull out the criticism stick. The layout of the store is simply too overdone – it’s stuffed with buttons, options and products, and the first time you open it you’ll likely feel overwhelmed by what you’re seeing – so try and examine everything slowly and carefully, otherwise you may get a bit put off in general.

On the visual end, it’s a bit more acceptable – the choice of colors is a pretty standard one (pink and gray shades interwinding all around the design), but it doesn’t make up for the navigation problems enough, in our opinion. At least it’s obvious that their designers tried to be a bit more creative instead of rushing yet another run-of-the-mill store design out there, so they deserve at least a little praise for that.

Purchasing and Customer Support

For a store that’s so concerned with your safety, you also get quite the stable support here – you’re constantly informed on the current promotions and are given tips on how to make the most out of your purchase. The help system can get a bit intrusive at times though, when it starts showering you with suggestions you don’t really need that much.


Those of you concerned with what they’re wearing and how it affects their skin should probably start at this store. It may not shine that much with its design, but the contents of their catalogs more than make up for that.


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