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Silk’n SensEpil Review

Ouch. Hair removal. If that’s not one of the touchiest subjects of discussion, we don’t know what is. Most of us are well familiar with the pain and discomfort involved in standard depilation procedures – and if you want to look your best, you have no option but to do it at least once every few weeks. Different people use different methods, but the most popular ones – depilation and shaving – have a lot of downsides that make them unattractive.

Silk’n SensEpil is a revolutionary new product aimed at solving those problems exactly. It’s a depilation device, but get this – it doesn’t involve any mechanical wheels spinning to no end until they’ve pulled the last of your hairs out! No, instead, Silk’n SensEpil uses an ingenious light system to kill off the hairs without causing you any pain or discomfort. Does it really work that well though?

The effect of concentrated light on hair has been clinically proven countless times – and it was about time we got a product that exploits it. Sure, you could go to a cosmetician and get your hair removed with lasers – but do you have any idea how much that costs? Silk’n SensEpil gives you the same results without having to shell out such large sums of money for just a single procedure – you buy it and it’s yours.

The depilation itself works like a charm. The device manages to remove not only thin, fine hairs, but also large build-ups (where you’d find one – read a bit below). It causes absolutely no pain and is completely safe for your skin – the light is harmless and won’t cause any damage, unlike some other similar products may do. Furthermore, it works a lot more quickly than a regular depilator does – this is in part due to the painless nature of the procedure; you can go a lot faster if you don’t care about it!

Now, you may be thinking that this is the perfect solution for any woman. But hey – men can benefit from this just as well! Metrosexuality is such a popular trend nowadays, and many women find a man with a hairy chest and armpits simply unacceptable. Even if you are a macho who likes to display that he doesn’t care about this sort of thing, you should still consider the hygienic benefits of a hair-free chest – especially in the summer!

With that in mind, a man should have no problem using Silk’n SensEpil, just make sure you take it easy on those problematic areas and let the device cool down every few minutes – we know you’re in a rush to finally show off your chest unobscured by a jungle of hair, but if you don’t take your time, people are going to turn their heads to laugh, not to sigh.

If you find body hair problematic to deal with and have a low pain threshold, there’s hardly any better product on the market for your needs right now.


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  1. CandyLand Says:

    Hey many of us blog only when we are unsatisfied and want to complain about some porches we made that wasnt useful. This product solved my unwanted hair problem, so I actually decided to take the time and give it positive feed back. 7 month later for the day I started using silkn now I have smith skin on my legs with no hair! its great there is never the worry which I had with shaving “did i miss a spot?” or shaving every two three days no red bumps or irritation love it

  2. Pardomuanshop Says:

    i love Silk’n Sensepil, it’s so easy to use and certainly worked for me and my back hair, my wife treated me 5 months and now i’m smooth as a baby. i’m so happy

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