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Sibu Beauty manufactures cosmetic and skincare products, in a wide variety of models suited for different skin conditions, as well as general maintenance products to keep your skin lively and fresh. Their online store has gained a strong following since it was launched, as people regularly flock to it for their great price reductions and other promotions, which can allow you to easily “walk out” with a shopping bag full of freebies and other goodies.

Pricing and Product Variety

The company produces all kinds of skincare products, from the standard lotions, creams and moisturizers, to some more specialized ones – they offer, for example, an seed oil serum that can work wonders for your face; also, you should try their special dietary supplement – it comes in the form of a fruit-flavored juice, which not only helps your body a great deal, but also tastes quite well too (unlike what’s common among other similar juices that end up tasting horribly due to their ingredients).

Even though you’ll have to pay a bit more than usual for their products, you’ll still be able to make quite a lot of savings if you get their special packages – for example, if you get a complete skincare package that includes several items, you can easily cut your total price down by 50% – and even more if you make use of their other promotions.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store is very pleasant on the eyes, and it looks catch as well – the bright orange shades really complement the white background and the general style of the website really nicely. One thing we found somewhat problematic in its design though, was how it doesn’t immediately make it obvious that it’s a store – you can read some information about their products on the front page, you can also see links to in-depth descriptions – but you’ll have to actually notice the “Shop” button to realize that this site actually sells products.

Apart from that though, we were very pleased with the way navigation between the different sections of the store has been done – you can move around seamlessly without having to worry about your cart’s contents (which are always made obvious at the top of the page).

Purchasing and Customer Support

After you’ve placed your order, you have the option of getting a variety of confirmations for it, including an e-mail based one. The purchasing system is a bit clumsy in comparison to the rest of the website and the way it works flawlessly, but it shouldn’t give you much trouble once you get used to its quirks.

The store offers a very well-written help section, packed full of useful information on both the company’s products and skincare in general. You can inform yourself on how to better live your life in a healthy manner, and also how to make better use of what you’re buying in the store.


Sibu Beauty update their catalogs on a seasonal basis – so even if you’ve checked the store before, make sure you pay it one more visit!


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