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ShopTheLook Review

With everyone using jewelry in one way or another, it’s no surprise that some stores are dedicating their entire businesses to selling such products. ShopTheLook is one of those, offering jewelry for the budget-conscious – while you won’t find anything expensive or high-end, the stuff offered at this online store is still quite attractive, especially for their prices.

Product Selection and Prices

The store has a wide array of products, all in the lower end of the price range – you’d hardly find anything above $40 around here. There are all sorts of accessories, such as necklaces and rings, earrings, bracelets and much more. They even offer some specialized Disney merchandize, including items from “Alice in Wonderland,” like bracelets and necklaces.

Several products are frequently put up on sale as well, so if you’re really looking for a good bargain, you can easily scout for some attractive deals and find what you need.

Design and Navigation

The website’s design is really clean and easy on the eyes. There’s a place on the front page that holds the current special offers and most attractive promotions, letting you instantly know what you might be interested in. They even offer a message list for those interested in promotions on a regular basis – just enter your e-mail address and you’ll be notified of any interesting deals coming up.

The design may seem a bit bland to some, but we liked it exactly for its simplicity – we’d call it streamlined more than anything else. We didn’t notice any problems navigating around the website’s different areas, and thus rate this aspect of it highly.

One thing that could be improved in the website’s navigation, is to add “sets” – that is, since some items go so well with each other, it would’ve been nice if the website itself makes such suggestions to you based on what you already have in your basket, or your past purchases.

Ordering and Customer Support

While the store does have the standard FAQ and information pages concerning the general rules of conduct for the service, they don’t have any specific help databases dedicated to product-related issues, like some other stores do. On the other hand, we are talking about a jewelry store here, so there isn’t that much to discuss when you compare it to, say, a cosmetics one, but still – simple pieces of information, like proper maintenance of the jewelry, could’ve been nice.

Final Thoughts

If you need to buy some eye-catching pieces of jewelry without having to empty your pockets for a few grams of gold, this store could definitely interest you. Have a look around, and pay special attention to their necklaces section – we noticed some pretty attractive deals in that part of the website on a constant basis. If they just added the sets functionality we mentioned above, this could become an absolutely marvelous website, where you can get yourself some new bling for just a few bucks easily.


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