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Scentiments Review

Scentiments deal with cosmetic products, and there’s been a lot of talk around the Internet about them lately – mainly because of the low prices at which they’re offering many of their products. While the website does grab your attention initially, we’ve seen enough flashy ads to know not to be fooled by hype so easily. However, delving deeper into it and looking at every aspect of its functionality, we came to actually be impressed.

Product Selection and Prices

The product variety at Scentiments is certainly a plus – you can find all sorts of brands, from some of the most popular ones, to some lesser known ones. Availability seemed okay, at least we didn’t notice many products that were marked as “out of stock.” Furthermore, there was an option to be notified of availability for products you’re interested in, so it shouldn’t be hard to find what you need, even if they don’t have it at the moment.

The pricing scheme is where this website really shines through though. All of their products are offered at very lucrative prices, and there are always at least a few promotions running for various items – the discounts are all around you when you’re shopping at Scentiments, and we felt really impressed by their ability to offer those products at such rates.

Design and Navigation

We can’t really say anything negative in this regard. The website has a clean, streamlined interface that’s easy to follow and even easier to find the products you need. You can either browse them alphabetically, or use the provided search tool to make your selection. The categories are descriptive enough, and everything is where you’d expect it – the website has simply been designed with user convenience in mind. Still, we did notice some problems with their loading times on several occasions, one of which was actually during the checkout process – but that’s a really minor hassle and we wouldn’t say it interrupted our use of the website in any way.

If you choose UPS shipping, you’ll be able to track your order as well, which is always a plus in today’s busy times.

Ordering and Customer Support

They’ve got a constant support service that’s eager to assist you – we were impressed by how friendly and easy-going their support staff were. We really pushed them with some of our questions, but the people running the company obviously knew who to hire – the site’s support was absolutely top notch. We couldn’t test their availability times to such an extent, but they did seem to make a good impression in that aspect as well.

Final Thoughts

With all this talk about Scentiments, we had really high expectations from it – and in most of them, it managed to satisfy us immensely. The website is simply a convenient and cheap place to shop for your cosmetics, and even though it could use some improvement in the technology behind the curtains (and possibly implement a more powerful interface with some improved capabilities), it’s still one of our favorites in this regard.


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