Revival Soy Health & Nutrition Review

The one constant that always comes with weight loss, is that it won’t happen in a day. The Revival Health & Nutrition Products, are created by mother and son team Dr. Aaron Tabor and Suzanne Tabor. Their system promises that if you follow their advice, weight loss of 30 pounds can be achieved in as little as 16 weeks. That means 16 weeks to a newer you.

The Tabor diet is made around soy ingredients, such as the hormone nurturing Revival soy. The product was originally sold as a hormone balance for pregnant women, but has been since found to produce excellent weight loss results in over 60% of the women who have supplemented their weight loss diet with Revival Health & Nutrition Products. By lightly watching your caloric intake and taking Revival Soy, you will easily see results in the first month and each consecutive month thereafter.

Every major company that comes out with the next big weight loss fad, promises magical results by taking a simple pill, or standing on your head while chanting “lose weight now, lose weight now.” Revival Health & Nutrition Products are not about fads, but rather scientific weight loss and weight management products. By supplementation with Revival Soy and a regimented exercise program — results are inevitable.

Luckily, since Tabor first came out with his discovery; Revival Health & Nutrition Products have grown their product lines. You can now find the soy you need in a variety of products.

Soy Bars – Kosher, 5 grams of fiber, with 500mg calcium per serving. Flavors include: apple cinnamon, marshmallow crunch and chocolate raspberry zing.

Soy Shakes – 20g of pure soy protein per serving, 600mg calcium and low carbohydrate content. You can find 9 different flavors like: cappuccino, strawberry and peach.

Soy Chips – Revival Health & Nutrition Products most delectable treats, they offer 7g protein and come in 11 different yummy flavors including: salsa, sour cream n’ onion and lightly salted.

Particularly when it comes to female diet: Soy is a great addition to your diet. Soy is very estrogen friendly and works well with female body chemistry. Users of an all soy based diet program immediately notice skin, hair and nail benefits that go along with their weight loss. If you will remember from the second paragraph; soy was originally meant to help stabilize female hormones during pregnancy.

All Revival Health & Nutrition Products come with a 100% Perfect Taste Guarantee for your comfort. Remember that the Tabor formula isn’t a fad that will disappear overnight. This discovery has been around for well over a decade and mother and son have been nurturing it ever since. It’s never too late to start losing weight.


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