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Revitol Review

Revitol manufactures skincare and cosmetic products, and if this is one of the topics that interests you, it’s very likely you’ve heard of the brand name before. You may not know that they have an online store though – even though you can purchase their products from a variety of places on the Internet, there’s only one official web-based retailer that’s run by the company itself.

Pricing and Product Variety

Revitol produces a large number of different skincare products and accessories, aimed at providing solutions to several important skin-related issues. You can find a very well-designed anti-aging kit, which includes some of the most important elements of a good skincare, and various items designed to treat cellulosis, improper shades under the eyes, and other conditions you may find yourself affected by on a regular basis.

Their pricing is a bit odd and we can’t exactly talk about it as we do for other manufacturers – the reason being, they offer a lot of freebies, and you can easily score free bottles of most of their products without any strings attached – you just need to sign up and make a request for your free samples, and you’ll be on your way to receiving them – after just having to cover the shipping fees, of course.

Ease of Use and Visuals

A brilliantly designed store, is not only a great pleasure on the eyes, but also very convenient to navigate and find the right product for your treatment. As soon as you hover your mouse over a specific product, you’ll get a comprehensive list of information about it, which can be expanded by opening the product’s appropriate details page. You’re always informed of every item’s ingredients before buying it, and all around there’s a great deal of attention paid to making your shopping a safe and convenient one.

You may find yourself getting the wrong idea from some of the store’s navigation elements, but after clicking them once or twice you should learn where those pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Take note that their purchasing system behaves a bit oddly at times – you may get the occasional bug where an item is discarded from your cart just after you’ve added it, but that doesn’t happen that often, and it won’t interfere with your shopping to such a great extent, either – you can easily contact support and have them add the missing items to your purchase, so that you don’t have to make another order and pay for shipping separately.

Speaking of their support, it left a good impression on us, as they were always able to respond to our inquiries promptly and without any of the usual pauses while looking for information – they actually knew their stuff, and they knew it well!


Treat your skin with something nice if you’re still using those same old store brand products – it will make all the difference in your life! Go at and you’ll quickly see what we mean.


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