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Purely Shea Review

Shea butter has been used for quite a while in various cosmetic products, as it’s known for its highly beneficial effects in treating skin-related conditions, and is very useful in skincare in general.

Its popularity prompted some companies to go as far as to devote their entire product lines to the ingredient, manufacturing various products that utilize its powerful effects in order to deliver a high quality of efficiency in skincare. Purely Shea is one of those manufacturers, and thanks to their online store, you can shop for their products from the comfort of your own home.

Pricing and Product Variety

The store only sells products made by the company behind it, and with that in mind, don’t expect to find a huge variety of products listed here. In fact, the actual number of different items is quite small, but they’ve all been designed with a specific purpose in mind – for example, there’s the unscented version of Shea butter, as well as several varieties that introduce lavender, citrus, and other healthy (and pleasant on the nose) ingredients.

You can buy most of the stuff rather cheaply, especially when you consider the grade of their quality. Some of them come in bulk offers as well, which can allow you to save a whole heap of money on your purchases, in case you need to stock yourself up for long periods of time, of course.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The most popular products are listed right on the front page and are given focus when you open the store for the first time – with some brief descriptions underneath them and direct links to their appropriate store pages. From there on, you can very easily access the rest of the store’s functionality, and examine your cart or perhaps pay a visit to some of the help sections provided.

The combination of colors is nice, if a bit too flashy for our taste – honestly, they could’ve gone without the overly bright yellow hues and the lime green shades. They do blend together nicely though, so it’s not such a sore on the eyes – but if you’re used to designs with calmer colors, you may want to readjust your eyes for a few seconds in this store.

Purchasing and Customer Support

The checkout system is easy to use and very fast, especially compared to some other popular systems we’ve seen used recently. What we kind of disliked though, was the way the system never gives you complete information on the discounts you’re eligible for, until you’ve reached the final section of the checkout process – which can give you a wrong impression of your costs. On the other hand, the final price usually turns out to be lower than what you see during your shopping, so the surprise is usually a pleasant one.

A fantastic support section is offered at the store, with a toll-free hotline for your quick questions and problems with the service, and a comprehensive help section that can guide you through your purchases as well.


Shea butter may not figure on your cosmetics shelf that much, but it’s never too late to try it and see why so many people enjoy its effects – and Purely Shea’s products are easily one of the best examples of the qualities of this ingredient.


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