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Perfume Emporium Review

It’s always possible you might find lower prices from time to time at other websites, Perfume Emporium has by far, the best selection. When you compare their prices with fragrance boutiques in your area, they always has lower prices. For instance I recently decided to buy my grandma a bottle of Chanel to make her feel modern and special.

Perfume Emporium had the best price I could find. I was interested in buying a bottle of Nicole Miller and I was actually able to find it for $5 cheaper at another online retailer — I’m not about to go and make a separate purchase to save $5, when I was saving over $10 with the bottle of Chanel to begin with.

Now, the advantages don’t just end at the affordable pricing; the ‘beauty bucks’ system Perfume Emporium has in place means you can actually create more savings for yourself…just by telling your friends and family about the stores promotions. The store give you a referral link that you can send to interested parties, and when they click your link, browse around, then make a purchase, you get a set amount of ‘beauty bucks’ entered into your online account.

While perfume is the main seller at Perfume Emporium, however they also sell other products. You can also buy bath and body products, with many designer labels that have branched out into the restorative beauty and bath products. If your in love with a particular scent and want to get it in a lotion or powder, then Perfume Emporium will likely have it. That’s the kind of privileges you get when you buy with a power-house like these guy — buying power.

The website also includes a Top 10 list contributed by REAL people, so you can take a look around for something that customers have found enjoyable. This can often be the drawback of online buying, as you can’t exactly sample the fragrance. If you’re so bold, head down to your local department store, try a few out, make your decision, then go back to the Perfume Emporium website to order. This is a double whammy, because you can sample the products, and see just how much you’re saving in the process.

Always spend your time browsing around the site before you make the final decision to buy. You can always find special promotions that aren’t shown on the front page. This is one part of Perfume Emporium that sort of irks me. I mean, if you’re going to have an offer to save 15%, can’t you advertise that deal on the freaking front page? Anyhow, that’s a minor rant on my part, the prices are great, and the deals are even better. (if you look around for them)

If you spend your time looking at reviews just like this one, you can quickly see that nobody really has a problem with Perfume Emporium. Top designer names, competitive pricing, and great customer service are what will keep people like you and I coming back. Hit the Perfume Emporium site up today.

Special offer: Enter coupon code FS2000 to get free shipping on over 7,000 designer fragrances.


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  1. Dawn Strehlow Says:

    I am looking for Windsong Perfume by Prince Matchabelli, not the cologne!
    Do you carry this product?I have been searching and it is hard to find.
    Do you have any advice for me?
    I thank you in advance,

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