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Perfume Country Review

Dealing in perfumes exclusively, Perfume Country are not really a widely-known store name. Still, they seem to offer some pretty attractive deals, so we thought we’d pay them some attention. It turns out that even though this website can make a bad impression initially, and can be somewhat difficult to navigate, they still offer some nice products at good prices.

Product Selection and Prices

Even though they’re not displaying many products at once, Perfume Country’s selection isn’t bad at all. There are some well-known brands in there, like Christian Dior and Calvin Klein, and they’ve covered both men and women’s needs equally. Still, there’s a lot more to be desired here, and we feel that they could really improve on their selection.

Prices are okay, nothing too spectacular here. There are some regularly-running promotions, while the standard prices seemed in line with what the rest of the market offers right now. Some of the women’s perfumes seemed a bit too expensive compared to other stores though, but those were just select single brands.

Design and Navigation

This is probably the website’s biggest downfall. Its design can be quite discouraging – sure, we understand the idea of simplicity being key to the user’s experience, but this website isn’t just simple, it’s bland. There aren’t any good navigation features besides browsing by (a few) categories or searching by product name. It displays strangely on some browsers. All in all, it could definitely use a lot of improvement here.

The checkout process was simple and hassle-free though, so we can’t blame them for this one at least. Payment is processed securely using SSL, and the website is constantly checked for viruses and other problems by McAffee. So, even though your navigation could turn out to be a bit problematic, at least you should feel secure in making your purchases.

Ordering and Customer Support

Like we said, placing an order doesn’t involve any hassles – nor did using the website’s support section, which was surprisingly well-done. It’s strange but it seems they’ve put more effort into designing a comprehensive help database, than they did adding products to their list. We can’t say we understand the logic, really, but hey – at least it sets a good basis for future development of the website. Plus, they seem to have been improving some of the other areas of the website lately, so this could mean that they’re about to upgrade it – let’s hope they include some new products as well!

There’s live customer support apart from the help database, and they seemed nicely responsive and helpful.

Final Thoughts

Even though it may strike you as an unattractive website, you should give Perfume Country a chance. While its selection isn’t all that impressive, it can still turn out to be a quality place to shop from if your needs boil down to a few select brands. If you manage to find what you need in their product range, you should be well-satisfied by their service.


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