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Perfumania Review

If you live in the US, chances are you’ve heard of the Perfumania stores. Well, they also have an online outlet, and we have to say, from what we’ve been able to see, the quality of service there doesn’t fall short to the one in their actual retail stores. If the name is new to you, then you’re probably at least guessing that they deal with fragrances. You can find all kinds of perfumes here, mostly designer brands – let’s look at it a bit more in-depth.

Pricing and Product Variety

Like we said, the brands offered at this store are not your usual ones – most of the items here are high-quality, coming from renowned names. If you’re into this sort of things, you should be more than satisfied with what this store has to offer – numerous famous brands, covering both men and women’s needs. Apart from that, you can buy some more special products, like bathroom ones, as well as several brands of makeup and hair accessories.

Keeping in mind the type of products you’re in for here, you should be prepared to pay up accordingly – though this is something that the store manages to surprise you yet again. They not only offer their products at reasonable prices, but they also run various lucrative discounts as well, allowing you to save up quite a lot on every purchase you make. For a store that sells such renowned brands, this is certainly not something you see every day.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store’s site has been designed extremely professionally, and it’s simply a pleasure to look at – not to mention use. Everything is categorized neatly, and you can quickly access the most popular categories as well as the currently popular products, which you’ll see listed on the front page.

There’s even a tool that can locate nearby physical stores of the Perfumania chain close to you, so that you can make your purchases not only online. It comes as quite a convenience, so try it – that is, at least if you live in the US, otherwise you probably won’t find it that useful at all.

Purchasing and Customer Support

We noticed some delays in the shipping when ordering from Perfumania, but that can be attributed to the fact that this isn’t really in their control. The shipment process is handled by a third party, though we can safely say that our problem seemed more like incidental and not something of a frequent occurrence.

There’s a very well-designed help desk featured as well, giving you all kinds of useful information on navigating the website, as well as finding the appropriate products for you. Customer care is great overall, as they also offer free shipping promotions on offers over certain sums. All in all, you should feel very welcome by the store’s support staff.


If you’re a fan of luxury fragrance brands, you’re definitely going to enjoy this store. If you don’t have much experience shopping for this grade of products though, make sure your wallet is well-loaded.


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