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Paula Young Review

Now there’s an unusual online store for you – Paula Young’s store deals with wigs and hair extension products. In this regard, you can find dozens of high-quality products listed on the website, from different types of wigs (for both men and women), to various accessories related to their use. It’s not often that you come across a website dedicated to this type of products, so let’s see what it has to offer.

Product Selection and Prices

There are all kinds of wigs offered on the website – whatever hairstyle you might be after, you can be sure you’ll find a wig for it here – regardless if you’re male or female. We were honestly quite impressed by this aspect of the website, even though we can’t really compare it to any other store.

The wigs are offered in many price ranges, from very cheap ones for a few dozen bucks, to high-grade models that will set you back over a hundred dollars, but have stellar properties for that price. It really depends on what you need your wig for, and what style you’re after – the more sophisticated ones will, naturally, cost you more.

Shipment was offered at reasonable rates, though you may have to pay a bit more if you live in Japan, China, or another Asian country – they seem to have poor logistics connections to that region, so delivery is both slow and expensive.

Design and Navigation

The website has been designed very nicely and it’s quite a pleasure to work with. We could easily browse the vast selection of wigs and accessories they offer, and when we had made our selection, proceeding to the checkout was seamless and hassle-free. The website’s backend is powerful enough to handle customer traffic effectively, and we didn’t notice any slowdowns or hitches during our “stay.”

Ordering and Customer Support

As we said, the interface of the website makes it easy enough to place an order. What’s really worth noting about Paula Young though, is the help section – not only do they give you the standard sets of questions and answers that you’d find in an online store (for things like payment and shipping), but there’s also a very comprehensive guide on picking the right wig for you, and properly taking your head measurements so that you know what size to look for. It’s really obvious that it was written by a specialist, and should definitely help anyone who’s not experienced in buying wigs.

Final Thoughts

While we’re not exactly the type of customers for this website, we can still see value when there is any – and Paula Young certainly holds high values when it comes to their service. The lack of heavy competition is one thing, but these guys have really done their best to bring satisfaction to their customers regardless. We highly recommend this store for any wig-related needs you might have.


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