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Pacific Pillows Review

Choosing a proper pillow can make all the difference between turning over and over again every night, and having a good, relaxing sleep. Some people settle for the regular pillows sold at most convenience stores and large markets – but some realize the importance of spending the little extra money in order to get a high-quality pillow, giving you the rest you need. Pacific Pillows is an online retailer of this type of products, where you can find dozens of unique models.

Pricing and Product Variety

The products here are numerous – we never imagined there’s such a vast variety of pillow models. They come from several manufacturers, and there are also some hotel-specific models sold too. Apart from pillows, you can equip yourself with various other bedwear here, such as sheets, comforters, and whole bed packages. There are also products for the bathroom, and various sleep-related accessories.

The pricing may scare you off a bit though – some pillows cost around $150 and even more, and those aren’t rare models – they seem to make up the majority of items listed here. On the other hand, the packages can drop the price of the individual items significantly, and there are various shipping offers too, for example letting you get away with just $4 for shipping as long as it’s ground-based.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store features a nice and stylish design, and we enjoyed the way the pillows were presented as well. The good deals and the important parts of the store are made clearly visible, and all the menus are very accessible and won’t give you any trouble navigating them. Make sure you browse around the “Staff Picks” section, as it often gives you some very good deals on products that are currently hot.

Apart from an easy navigation, the store also offers a very eye-catching design, which remains simple in the same time. Color coding is used in some subtle ways to provide for an easier navigation, and the fonts are more carefully picked than your standard online store.

Purchasing and Customer Support

The shopping and checkout system is great, and the cart is easy to manipulate, giving you various options during your shopping. On your way to the checkout the store sometimes presents you with lucrative offers that may make you want to reconsider and stay a bit longer – clever, while at the same time convenient for you as it keeps you informed of any good deals you might have missed.

They also have a hotline for direct customer support, and they seemed highly knowledgeable on their subjects – definitely a good impression there. Apart from that, the store doesn’t offer that much information (except the one listed on the pillows’ pages themselves, of course)


Make a change in your sleep – a positive one that’ll make you go to bed with pleasure every night – at Pacific Pillows, that’s quick and easy.


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