Nisim International Review

Nisim are a popular name on the hair loss market. Many people have found a solution to their hair-related problems in Nisim’s products, while some on the other hand are expressing doubts about the usefulness of their stuff. We decided to conduct several tests and find out how plausible Nisim’s advertisement statements really are.

The company offers a good number of hair loss products, ranging from the standard shampoos and lotions, to more special items such as detangling combs, brushes and other hair-care accessories. From their online store, you can buy pretty much whatever you may need to keep your hair in a good, lively condition – even if it doesn’t have any problems currently. The products are nicely arranged in categories for quick reference, and can be easily located.

Prices seemed surprisingly low for the general impression the website gave us – we expected to see some higher rates listed under most of the shampoos, but they turned out to be much cheaper. You can get some things for less than $5, actually – and that’s before the special bargains and promotions kick in! Great deals all around when shopping from Nisim.

Delivery was quick and we didn’t notice any problems – we were offered the ability to track our shipment, and we could see it reaching us in a matter of days. The products arrived in a good condition, neatly packaged and protected. While we couldn’t test the hair loss treatment efficiency of them, we still conducted a few tests with the shampoos and lotions.

Most of the products worked remarkably well – the shampoos not only lather and wash nicely, but they also produce nice smells, while also having a noticeable anti-dandruff effect (we did pick a subject with dandruff problems specifically for this test, after all!). We noticed that they tend to run out a bit too fast though – so be prepared to buy well in stock if you want to prevent running out.

Apart from helping you treat your hair loss, Nisim are also offering products to actually induce it – if you’ve got unwanted body hair (a common problem nowadays, especially for some men), you can get some really budget-efficient to your problems. Depilating creams and sprays are offered in several varieties, ranging from ones for sensitive skin to more “heavy duty” kinds. Just make sure you read their hints and tips carefully before buying – some of the products can be very harmful to sensitive skin if you don’t use them appropriately, so take special care.

You don’t have to succumb to hair loss like the majority of people do today – it’s a problem that can be defeated so easily, you’ll be slapping yourself across the face for not realizing it sooner! The products offered at Nisim International’s website will make this task a lot easier for you, so if you’re still in doubts over how to stop your hair from falling off – here’s a good solution for you.


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