Nature’s Inventory Review

If you’re on the lookout for a health store, here’s another one for you to consider – Nature’s Inventory offers a wide variety of healthcare products, with a little twist – everything in this store is completely natural and chemical-free. That’s actually the major advertising point of the store – providing people with an alternative place for shopping for their healthcare products, one that actually values health by providing things that will treat you well in the long run.

Pricing and Product Variety

The products here, as we mentioned already, are all natural – that said, try not to judge the store based on whether or not they carry some of your favorite brands, as it’s very likely that they won’t. Everything offered here comes straight from nature, and you should keep that in mind while shopping – you won’t find any pills or chemical-stuffed products; only herbs and related products. Not everyone can live a lifestyle of this type, so if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, you may want to look elsewhere.

We should commend the store on their pricing scheme – even though the products here seem to be of really high quality (at least judging by the ingredients and presentation), most of them are still offered at quite good prices. Some may seem a bit too expensive, but it’s all still bearable when you consider the impact it’ll have on your health, and the importance of using natural products in your treatment.

Ease of Use and Visuals

A pleasantly designed website in the visual aspect, it’s easy to look at and doesn’t give any unpleasant impressions with its visuals. That said, their navigation could use a little work – in particular, they could group their products more conveniently, as the current style of doing it spans over too many categories and makes for a somewhat clumsy design. Don’t get us wrong, you can still get from point A to point B in just a few clicks, but it’s a matter of finding the actual places to click.

Apart from that issue, there isn’t anything to negatively comment on here, and the website functions nicely and delivers a good quality of service.

Purchasing and Customer Support

The checkout system they’ve used seems to be a proprietary one, as it didn’t look similar to other systems we’ve seen used in online stores. That said, their engineers have done their job quite well, as the checkout process goes without any hitches, and you’re even offered some nice savings offers (though mostly valid for USA residents only) on your way to the checkout area.

Customer support seems a bit lacking though – there’s a comprehensive help section, as well as the possibility to contact the store’s staff, but no live communication options – although, when it comes to online stores, most of the problems that can arise are already covered in the help section (like in this case).


If you need to live healthy in the true way – by actually curing your body and not just masking the problem – here’s a good place to start. You should find the store top notch in pretty much every aspect.


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