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Tags | Review, as its name implies, deals with all natural products – and it’s a store that has been around for a while now, and has managed to collect a very wide array of products in its catalog – but more on that in detail below. The store continues to bring new customers in mainly due to its low prices and other attractive offers, such as discounted shipping (it can even get free in some cases).

Pricing and Product Variety

As we mentioned above, the product variety here is simply outstanding – you can find all kinds of vitamins, healthcare and skincare products, as well as beauty products and even groceries and products for your home. The store also holds various items aimed at your pet’s health, and even improving your sexual well-being as well. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll be delighted by the choice of products they have for you here, such as supplements and vitamins, and various herbs that can improve your performance – in all natural ways, of course.

We mentioned some great discounts above – and we should reinforce on that point even further. The store constantly runs various great offers, and you can get most of the products here with more than 50% discounts – and you can even get a free shipping if you order some items that total $50 or above! Not many stores make such attractive promotions nowadays, so this is something to consider when shopping here.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store is designed very simply, and its front page is somewhat unique from the other online stores out there – the categories are presented with big, easily identifiable buttons, and you can quickly get to most of the popular sections of the website with just a few clicks. The store also offers a tracking feature for your packages, which is always a convenience in this type of websites.

The visual aspect of the design is nice, the store uses a smooth green theme with complementary orange hues, which blend together very nicely. It may look a bit bunched up in the left part of the screen on some larger monitors, but that’s not really that much of a problem.

Purchasing and Customer Support

There’s nothing special worth noting about the purchasing process here – it’s easy and streamlined, and the system used does not give any problems or have any obvious bugs or issues. It tends to be a bit slow when processing the payment details though, but the delay won’t likely cause you any problems.

There’s a very nicely designed help desk available in the top right corner of the store, which provides always up-to-date information about the store’s various features and settings that you can use. Apart from that, there’s not much to note about its support, and we can actually desire a bit more from it.


A decent store worth a few visits, should be able to provide you with some very attractive deals on whatever you may need if natural ingredients are your primary desire.


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  1. Donna Says:

    I agree that the prices are reasonable and they do offer a nice selection. But, if you would like your review of to be accurate I suggest you add a few points.
    If an item that you have ordered is out of stock or indefinitely back ordered, you aren’t notified until after they’ve charged your credit card. Why are they charging for something that hasn’t yet shipped? Is that legal?
    When something is back ordered and they haven’t a clue as to when it will be available, they reserve the right to cancel that item after one month – once again they’ve had your money the whole time. Oh the fun trying to get reimbursed.
    Their customer service department is a joke – it’s practically nonexistent. I don’t consider their little email set up to be a form of customer service. Someone should explain the concept of service to them. I’d be happy to, but with whom would I speak?
    I hope your other reviews are more reliable.

  2. satomi okuda Says:

    there is no customer service in this co. after i ordered, there is no order comformation e-mail. i ordered 10 items $43.61. i only got one item after 11 days $6.88. i tried to contact for my rest of my order. i sent 4-5 e-mails but they never answer. now i do not no why i can not even send my e-mail to by phone, they do only take order not for anything else. i do not know what to do. do not order from this co. read the review for this co. You do not see any positive one.

  3. Primavera Group Says:

    On 10/1/11 I ordered 4 each 12 oz. egg protein. It was ordered in error and on 10/3/11 I requested the order be canceled. They would not do that and sent it anyway when they new it would be returned. I communicated this to both their web site and to Tatiana Cunningham to no avail. I often communicate with Ms. Cunningham and have her email address: She sent me a pre-paid USPS mailing label to return the product. The package was never opened and it was returned on or about 11/8/11. The warehouse has lost the package and they will not refund my money. The address of the warehouse: Return Merchandise Warehouse, 6540 Riverside Drive, Dublin, OH 43017. I have communicated so much with Cunningham that she has terminated all correspondence with me. I have sent several messages to their web site and they are not answering. I have sent two letters to the warehouse manager 11/22/11 and 12/2/11 and he has not answered.

    On 10/10/11 I ordered 2 each 40 oz. egg protein. It was not in stock at the time of ordering. Their web site says the product is “Available today!” This announcement has been posted for many days and as of today 12/6/11 it has not been sent.

    They have been stonewalling me for weeks and I get no satisfaction from my questions or posts. In my opinion this company is a total fraud. They have >$118 of my money for which I have received no benefit. They post no corporate information such as addresses, phone numbers, corporate officers, etc. for good reason – they don’t want to hear from you, and they are a fraud.

  4. Primavera Group Says:

    The order that was canceled — today I received a refund check, but they still haven’t shipped the other order that supposedly is in stock. My confidence in has been partially restored, and I retract my statement that I thought they are a fraud.

  5. Paulette Says:

    I do not see how anyone could write a good review for the business. I have been trying to get the rest of my order that I place on 10-6-11 for months now. You can’t talk to anyone there is no customer service. They had no problem taking my money that day even though the product was a back order. I will never order from them or Herbalremedies again since I was told they are the same company.This review must be a joke!!

  6. Janesa Taylor Says:

    I’ll keep it simple since everyone on here seem to feel the same way. This website is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Please do not order from them as it took over 1month to get my product and it was the wrong item. I am extremely disatisfied with this company. You’ll have better luck from

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