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Max & Chloe Review

There’s been quite an influx of jewelry stores on the Internet lately, especially ones selling more refined types of finer jewelry. Max & Chloe may initially strike as being yet another one, without anything special to shine through with – however, one of the things you’ll likely remember your visit at this store for, is their product selection. You can hardly find another place on the net that offers such a wide range of jewelry, and in such vast price ranges as well.

Pricing and Product Variety

The brands featured at this store are numerous – from popular, well-known ones (that also tend to cost appropriately high as well), to some more obscure and budget-friendly brands, and even some starter ones that have recently put out their first products. You can shop either by brand name, or by product type – say you’re looking for that perfect ring to put on your fiancee’s finger, and you also need it to be in a certain price range – the store is designed to make that very easy.

Like we said above, the prices here tend to vary a lot – on one hand, you can get lots of items rather cheaply, especially if you buy them in bulk. On the other, some of them will cost you quite a lot – especially (and understandably) if you decide to have a look at their diamonds section.

Ease of Use and Visuals

With all the categories being accessible right from the beginning, you may find it slightly troublesome to navigate the store’s contents efficiently. Actually, you’ll outright have to resort to the search engine when you’re looking for a specific product that you know the name of, as looking around the categories can get you completely lost in a matter of clicks.

It’s also somewhat overdone on the visual end, with all of the elements being cluttered too tightly together, creating a sense of disorganization. It helps if you’re looking at the store on a higher resolution, as then things become slightly more acceptable – but if you’re on a mediocre computer, be prepared for some trouble with the store’s visual design.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Once you’ve placed your order you’ll need to go through an additional verification menu/process – something which we felt could’ve been omitted, considering the system they’re using for the checkout procedure is safe and secure enough, and has been known for its high grade of security.

Their customer support though, is something that lets the store really make a good impression on you, especially when you combine it with the impression of all the different products and items listed in their selection. Really responsive and well-done support section that deserves a special round of applause.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get something extra for yourself to help you stand out more, or if you want to make your loved one happy – there’s plenty of products here to serve your needs.


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