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Lip-Ink International Review

Few stores specialize in facial cosmetics in particular, and Lip-Ink is one of them. While the store’s main product topic are (as the name implies) lipsticks and other lip-related cosmetics, you can find a respectable selection of eye products, such as eye liners, as well as hair treatment cosmetics. All in all, if you’re looking to improve the visuals of your face, that’s a store that can serve you right.

Pricing and Product Variety

A good selection of products awaits you here, and like we said earlier the main accent is on lip cosmetics – such as lipstick, lip liners, lip moisturizers, and various other products aimed at improving the looks of your lips. Apart from that, you can buy various eye liners, color removal products and hair-care solutions, all grouped nicely.

The prices aren’t anything special, really – some of the products are cheap, some not so much, but for the most part you’ll get a good deal on the stuff listed here. There are some free trial offers as well, allowing you to sample the products before actually investing in them – which is always good to know, considering some of those can cost quite a bit compared to other competitive brands on the market right now.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The site’s design strikes as a bit outdated at first – it’s true, it doesn’t seem to have been updated visually recently. That doesn’t preclude it from being very well-executed in a sense of functionality, though – everything is easily accessible and you can immediately get from any point of the store to the other without having to go through too many menus.

On the visual side, we should still note that the site does come off as a bit cluttered at times – it’s not actually that bad in itself, but the combination of various logos and certificates coupled with the product listing tends to give off a slightly negative impression. If you look more closely though, that impression quickly goes away as you notice the way the site’s design elements have been neatly organized and made available for you.

Purchasing and Customer Support

You should have no problem making a purchase here, and you can even see a list of actual physical stores owned by the company, so that you can do your shopping in real life if it’s more convenient for you (saving on those dreadful shopping charges we all hate so much). The last part is valid mostly for US customers though, as that’s the crowd the store is targeting – but the rest of the world should still feel okay browsing the store’s product selection.

Customer support is mediocre on the website directly, but that’s somewhat compensated for when you see that they’re offering a hotline for your problems and questions, and they also offer a somewhat good help section. Couple that with the wide language selection, and you’ve got yourself a winner.


Treat your face the right way – the products listed here will give you a huge helping hand in that aspect, so what are you waiting for? This store has our definite recommendation!


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