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LiLash Review

LiLash has been the talk of the web lately – at least in those corners that tend to discuss cosmetics and skincare products. If you haven’t heard of it yet (which is unlikely, but still a possibility of course), it’s an eye liner that has been specially designed to give you long-lasting thick eyelashes without making you wait too long for the results, either. Yes, we know you’ve probably heard those claims a million times before – we had as well.

That’s why we were a bit skeptical when placing our order from LiLash’s website. The price of the kit didn’t help either – but more on that in detail a little bit below. The checkout and shipping process was easy and hassle-free though, and that started making a good impression on us before we’d even received the item. Upon receiving it, the impressions continued on growing – it came in a stylish, nice package, that could easily be used directly as a gift package for someone – and its contents would make for a great gift, too.

We had one of our staff members try out the eye liner for a while, and we noticed her changing so obviously, even the most fashion-impaired of our male staff couldn’t help but be amazed at the results. The time it took for LiLash to produce this effect was much shorter than any other eye liner we’d seen before, and the best part was that it lasted for quite a while wihout the need for re-application. You shouldn’t worry that much about having to apply it on more than one occasion for another reason, too – the supply you’ll get lasts quite a lot – and that justifies the price.

We mentioned the price briefly above, and it’s time we expanded on that a bit – LiLash costs quite a lot and you won’t be able to find it at a reasonable price anywhere. One tube will cost you over a hundred dollars, though like we already said, it will last you for quite a lot of time – about five months’ worth was what was advertized on the website, and from what we’ve been able to see, it really does come close to that when you do some simple calculations.

We had no issues with the company’s support staff either – we only got to use them as we had inquiries about some other products by the company, but they still managed to respond very adequately and provided us with even more information than we’d asked for. Considering the nature of this store/company, it’s not very often you see such a high level of customer support, so we should commend them on that separately as well.

The company manufactures some other great products, too – you should check out their LiBrow eyebrow solution. We haven’t gotten around to testing that one yet, but we’ve been following it on the Internet and the response to it has generally been very positive, with people constantly commenting on how great it works compared to other companies’ products – which sounds pretty similar to the experience we had with LiLash, so that speaks enough for us.


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