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Lemonade Diet Review

The Lemonade Diet – there’s been so much talk about it since it was first discovered, that you can’t say you haven’t heard of it. It comes in several variations, but the most popular one is part of the Master Cleanse diet and cleansing program.

The Lemonade Diet itself though, is claimed to allow you to easily drop several pounds in a very short amount of time, by substituting pretty much everything in your regular meals with lemons and their derivatives. It may sound outrageous, even crazy, but those who’ve tried it seem to think otherwise – and very strongly!

The diet is based on some strong scientific facts about the lemon and its juice. It’s very powerful in removing toxins from your body, and is also packed full of energetic substances that can improve your state of well-being and make you feel more lively throughout the day. You may be thinking of the most obvious problem – lemons surely can’t provide you with all the nutrients your body needs, right? That’s partly true, but the idea of the Lemonade Diet is to follow it for only short periods of time, allowing your body to lose some weight and detoxify itself – and then return to your regular lifestyle.

During the period of using the Lemonade Diet, you may experience some sensations of discomfort – for example, headaches have been commonly reported among users. These are to be expected though, and are caused by the way your body deals with the toxins that have built up inside of it, indicating that it’s attempting to push them out of the system. After this has been done though, you should stop experiencing any side effects or negative sensations – and in fact, due to the way your body’s workings will have reformed, you’ll feel refreshed on a constant basis!

As good as the Lemonade Diet is though, you should keep several things in mind – first, drink plenty of water, as lemonade itself is not a proper substitute for liquids. You’ll need to supply your body with enough water, even more than usual, to help it “flush” the harmful substances through your system. If you’re used to drinking about 8 cups of water a day, try increasing that to 10-12, which should be a sufficient supply to keep you healthy and lively during the cleansing process.

Remember to also stop in due time – the diet is only healthy if you follow it for a short enough period of time. Going on for longer can give you some serious issues, due to your body not getting enough of the nutrients that it needs. One of the ways to make sure you’re not going overboard, is to set yourself a specific amount of weight that you want to lose with the diet, and as soon as you’re rid of it, simply stop. That way, you’re ensuring that you’re not exposing your body to any unnecessary risk.


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