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Idol Lash Review

The Idol line of products is very popular one – we’ve already reviewed their Idol Lips lip enhancer here, and we were left highly satisfied with its quality – not to mention its safety and general convenience for the user.

So with this in mind, we were of course very interested to order Idol Lash for a test review. The claims made on its website are as catchy as those about the other Idol products, and we were very curious if it was actually able to produce those effects – knowing our previous experience though, we already had some good expectations.

Things went well from the very beginning – the product arrived quickly and without any hassle, and as a bonus it was packed in a nice, stylish package and not just a dull old grey box. The Idol Lash itself comes in the form of eye liner that’s applied straight to the lashes as you would with a regular one. Application is easy and hassle-free, and the product doesn’t make a mess like some other similar ones tend to do – there are no spills, no material left outside the lash area, and you can easily apply this on the go for a few minutes without people noticing.

Moving on, there were no immediate effects produced – of course we don’t mean that we expected the lashes to grow immediately, but we were more concerned about any possible side effects, like unpleasant sensations of burning or itching. There was none of that here, and the person testing the Idol Lash was able to continue throughout her regular daily routine without any difference.

The actual time for your lashes to grow seems to vary, but it took our test subject about three weeks – and the results afterwards were simply amazing. Her lashes grew not only longer, but more firm-looking as well, and generally a lot more pleasing to look at. Idol Lash also performed very well on eyebrows, which can often be a very problematic spot – you can easily pluck them to shape them the way you want to, but if they’re not as long as you need them in the first place, that can be problematic. Idol Lash managed to solve that as well, producing longer and better-looking eyebrows.

On a more negative note, we noticed it tends to run out quite a bit faster than other similar products (and other eye liners) – it won’t last you more than one procedure period, generally (so, about a month) – after that you’ll have to head on over to their online store to buy another one. But with the way it’s priced, that may not inconvenience you as much as you think – you should be able to buy it on a regular basis without having to worry about paying too much. Not that you’ll need it either, though – the effects produced by just one therapy were very long-lasting and we can safely assume that you’ll have to repeat the procedure once every few months at most.


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