House of Nutrition Review

At House of Nutrition, it’s all about health supplements, vitamins and nutrients – as you can probably guess from the store’s name. They cover a wide variety of natural products aimed at improving your health, while also giving you directions on how to cure specific conditions. Whether you need to lose weight, buff up your vitamin count, or simply ensure your all-around health is in a peak condition, this store will likely hold the answer to your needs.

Pricing and Product Variety

The products here are numerous – they’re divided into various categories, going from fish oils, herbs and men/women health products, to various supplements and probiotics. You can even improve your sexual life with some of the products listed here.

The store seems to take great pride on their pricing system, as you can find some extremely cheap products listed here, at least compared to their retail prices – and to make these benefits more obvious, the store lists every product’s price as compared to a retail merchant’s, so that you can see exactly how much you’re saving on your purchase.

Ease of Use and Visuals

A pleasant, creamy-colored design will greet you upon opening the page, and you’ll immediately see a screen displaying the current hot picks – a type of display that has become quite popular among online stores lately. Products are divided into categories either by their brand, product type, or by the health problem they’re solving. More popular categories like weight loss products and vitamins, as well as herbs, have been given their own sections separately from the rest. Overall, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty locating the products that you need.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Buying from here is as easy as any other reputable online store – they accept the popular payment methods and their checkout system is quick and secure. Additionally, you can see several indications that the systems have been verified as safe by security experts. We could only comment negatively on the amount of help provided in the menus while you’re going through checkout, but that’s a minor hassle as the menus themselves are intuitive for the most part.

Their customer support is top notch, even providing a hotline for direct inquiries. The support staff are friendly, and pleasant to work with – so you should have no problem having them assist you with your purchases – not that the store’s system should give you any problems that should lead to this, but still.


After you’ve shopped online for a while, you know a good store when you see one – so it is without doubt that we can say that House of Nutrition ranks among the best. Apart from the excellent customer support and ease of use of the service, the website itself is a pleasure to look at and just makes it easy for you to flow through your purchasing process.

In case you’re not getting the hint yet – definitely recommended.


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