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HealthBuy Review

Nowadays you can shop for your health supplements from a variety of places – and the Internet has made for an especially convenient platform for the distribution of this type of products.

However, quantity doesn’t always equal quality as we all know, and not all of the online stores take that much care and consideration in picking their products.

HealthBuy is a store that deals with all-natural health supplements, where you’ll be hard pressed to find an offer you don’t like – and that’s not worth it.

Pricing and Product Variety

Health supplements today can cure pretty much any popular health condition, and you’ll find the appropriate products listed here – from skin care, through inner body care (with a very good selection of colon cleansing products), all the way to cosmetics and sports nutritions – you’ll find everything you need to make your life a healthy and productive one right here, sometimes in lucrative packages that drop the price greatly.

Speaking of prices, don’t expect to have to dig too deeply into your pockets when visiting HealthBuy – most of the products here are priced very appropriately and should fit the average person’s needs and financial abilities just perfectly. If you really want to make the most of your shopping here, have a look around for their package deals – where you can get several items in one unified price, which is always a lot less than the products’ individual prices combined.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The color choice may seem a bit odd at first, as some of the colors tend to not look very well next to each other – but that’s a really minor hurdle that’s easy to ignore and shouldn’t reflect negatively on your browsing of the store. The categories are spread out nicely, and you’ll be able to easily locate the precise product you’re after, just by knowing what type of condition you want to cure. You don’t need to have browsed the store before to make your way around it easily – it’s that convenient and intuitive.

Make sure you read the FAQ if you’re experiencing navigation issues like getting stuck at pages that refuse to load, as these are common problems that are described in the website’s help section in good detail.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Sometimes you may notice your final price will be lower than what you expected, considering the amount of products you’ve bought – this is no mistake, it’s just the way the store’s system applies discounts to your purchases after you’ve made your selection. We agree that it would’ve been more convenient if this was done on the fly as you’re browsing, but this is still a very good solution that gives you a little pleasant surprise at the end of your visit to the store – and we definitely appreciated it.

Their customer support is a bit odd at times – even though they have live support available, it sometimes fails to make a connection, which we feel should be investigated by their staff.


You may already have quite a long list of health supplement stores to shop from – but that shouldn’t stop you from giving HealthBuy a chance – it will very likely give you something new to experience.


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