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HARNN & THANN is an online store that combines two highly renowned brands – HARNN and THANN respectively. The first deals with home spa products, and has been known for their extremely high quality of essences used, sometimes going as far as to be compared to some professional perfumes and fragrances on the market.

THANN, on the other hand, is a company that manufactures skin care products based on Asian natural treatments, and have been known for concentrating on natural ingredients in their products. The store launched recently in an effort to get the best out of both companies and bring it to customers in one complete package.

Pricing and Product Variety

The store is generally divided between the products of HARNN and THANN, which each hold their own separate sections on the website. Apart from that, there are some categories for more general types of products, like face care, hair care and aromathic products. In HARNN’s section of the website, you will find what you’d expect to see in a HARNN store, mainly fragrances, soaps and other aromathic products – while on the THANN section, you can get a lot of different skin care products with an Asian accent to all of them.

Both brands aren’t exactly known for selling their products cheaply though – with such high grade of quality, the price is accordingly high as well – and from what we’ve been able to see, THANN’s products tend to be the more expensive ones of the two, with HARNN going more smoothly in their pricing schemes and not overblowing some of their products’ price tags – though you’ll still see some very highly priced products in both ends of the store.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store has been designed very well, and all of its important elements are easy to access. From the beginning, you’re presented with an informative panel that keeps you up to date on the various products offered at the website, and the currently hot promotions and discounts. It should be noted that some of the promotions listed here can’t be found while browsing the website directly, so you’ll have to have a look around to see what’s worth buying at the moment.

It’s very pleasing visually and offers a lot of eye candy to tickle your eyes, without making it too flashy or intrusive. You’ll want to turn down your monitor’s contrast if you’re using a high setting though, as the way some of the colors clash can make it problematic to browse the store at times.

Purchasing and Customer Support

The checkout menu has some nifty features, such as allowing you to combine several orders that have been made quickly one after the other (when you decide you’ve forgotten to get something, for example), and it makes your browsing of the store a whole lot easier.

Their customer support isn’t that impressive, on the other hand, with just the basic features you’d expect available – there’s a hotline as well, for your direct inquiries.


If you want to treat your body to some more exquisite products coming straight from nature’s best, this store will have a good selection of items to satisfy your needs.


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