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We can’t say that hair care online stores are a common thing yet, though they’re certainly gaining popularity and have been steadily rising over the past few years. is one of the most prominent of these stores, having been in operation for quite a while now. It offers all kinds of hair care products, from common everyday items that you can find in your convenience store, to professional equipment aimed at hairdressers.

Pricing and Product Variety

There are lots of products listed in the store. All of them are of course aimed at hair care, and you can find the regular things like conditioners, shampoos and lotions, as well as accessories such as scissors and brushes. That’s not all though – there are also some highly professional tools offered here, such as hairdresser scissor sets and hair-cutting machines. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking to equip your home’s bathroom or a professional salon – it seems that this store can satisfy your needs.

This brings us to the topic of prices – while the standard, common items come at regular prices here (some even quite cheaply), you’ll have to shell out a lot of money for the advanced, professional items. For example, there are lotions going for $10-20, while on the other hand some scissor sets will set you back a good $500 (and that’s a discount price!). Of course, if you’re looking to buy this sort of product, you’re likely to earn back the products’ prices in no time, so this shouldn’t worry you that much.

Ease of Use and Visuals

As most sites that deal with professional equipment, the design here is top notch. It has been executed in a simplistic way, which gives you quick access to the most popular categories, while also displaying the hot deals of the time being in the center. They even feature some sections such as “gift ideas” that can give you more information on how to properly spend your money if you’re after a gift for someone else.

Visually, there’s nothing to comment really – it’s pleasant to look at but doesn’t strike with anything special in particular. Still, it’s enough to say that the design serves the purpose of the website perfectly.

Purchasing and Customer Support

There’s nothing unusual about placing an order from, although you may experience some delays if your cart contains too many items – a common problem of some of the popular checkout systems, this is nothing that should worry you, as the checkout itself still goes without a hitch for the most part and doesn’t give any notable problems.

You can find a great level of customer support offered here, with the store even having its own hotline dedicated to serving customers and assisting them on purchases, as well as providing technical information.


Like we said earlier on – it doesn’t really matter what you’re after here, be it amateur or professional equipment – is likely to have it.


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