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GoodLife Bottles Review

Improving your lifestyle while also keeping the environment’s safety in mind is an important thing – and it can be achieved in various ways, some a lot less traditional than others.

GoodLife Bottles is a good example of this – most of you probably never considered that you could make a huge change for the environment if you replaced your use of plastic bottles with stainless steel ones – plus, it would make for a pleasant change for you as well!

Pricing and Product Variety

The bottles come in several varieties – they’re separated both by size and color. The smaller one comes in more colors for some reason though, and considering the difference between the two is twice as much (the large one fits 1L of liquids while the smaller one is for 0.5L), we were kind of dissatisfied that we couldn’t pick from all of the colors for the larger size. Still, they look very nice, and just the feeling of holding one in your hand is very relaxing for some reason. The bottles don’t affect your drink’s taste in any way, and preserve it fresh for long.

The price difference is kind of puzzling, as the larger size will cost you just $5 more (as opposed to the total price of roughly $25), so it’s really a more attractive deal – which again brings us to the small problem of color variety, but what can you do.

Ease of Use and Visuals

As soon as you’ve entered the store, you’ll be taken through a brief introductory homepage which will give you an insight on the benefits of using GoodLife’s bottles, and then you can easily access the store itself, and the various other sections of the website. You should have no problems making your way around, and we certainly found the way everything was streamlined very nicely done.

Not only that, but it’s a great pleasure on the eyes as well – it includes some fancy flash animations to relax you a little bit, but if you’re a bit more observant you’ll notice how the eye candy is actually used to guide you through the navigation elements – a clever idea that is also pretty well executed.

Purchasing and Customer Support

You can easily buy more than one bottle, and the interface for purchasing and proceeding to the checkout is very easy to use and intuitive. You may have the odd delay problems if you decide to buy in larger quantities, but that shouldn’t be that much of a problem to most shoppers, as we’re talking about bulk quantities here (which, by the way, come at some very attractive discounts, so make sure you check them out)

The level of support they’re offering is more or less perfect – not only is there a good amount of information about the bottles on the website itself, but you can also find out a lot about the products if you call their support line, which will also of course prove very useful if you’re having trouble navigating the store.


Sometimes you need to step a bit away from the regular line and change your life in a way that most other people haven’t yet – and GoodLife Bottles is the perfect way to start!


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  1. Jessica Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Goodlife bottles. They keep drinks hot or cold for 24 hours and don’t change the taste of the drink. I always give them as presents. Definitely buy one!!

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