With an easy to remember domain name and a wide range of products offered, it’s no wonder you can hear being mentioned frequently when talking about cosmetics and skincare stores. As of now, it’s one of the most popular and frequently visited online stores that deal with cosmetics exclusively, and lately they’ve revamped their service, giving it an extra edge of competitiveness thanks to some of the new features introduced – not to mention the spiffy new design.

Pricing and Product Variety

Many popular brands are featured in this store, and if you value quality products you should feel right at home shopping here. From some of the most renowned names on the market, to some lesser-known ones, this store has it all. They also offer some very attractive deals in the form of packages, giving you the possibility to save up greatly buying several items at once.

The prices can seem a bit high at first, and such an impression would be correct – they really do charge a lot for some of the items offered here, when you compare their store to some other ones (even with the promotions they’re running, actually). On the other hand, you should be able to get some great savings if you go for the complete treatment packages, which include products for the whole treatment of the body coming at severely reduced rates – so it kind of counterbalances.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store is a miracle to navigate and use. Like we said earlier, it was easy before as well, but the new design they’ve given it just blows all expectations away and makes the site very easy to go around. You can see a standard list of categories listed on the left, complete with other search options below that list. If you’ve come to the store looking for treatment of a particular health problem, you can also browse the product selection by that as well.

Visually, we are divided on what to say – on one hand, you can easily find what you need and it doesn’t give any problems in particular; on the other, the color scheme doesn’t look very pretty and we felt a bit disappointed by the way it was executed in that aspect. It’s not ugly per se, but it’s just that pink on grey combined with white ends up looking a bit too messy for its own good.

Purchasing and Customer Support

From filling your cart to hitting the checkout spot, you shouldn’t encounter any glaring issues. The checkout process itself is fast and reliable, and doesn’t produce any bugs or hitches. The one thing we felt could be improved on is the visibility of your currently selected products – you should be able to see more without having to manually expand the list, but that’s a minor issue, really.

You’re offered some professional tips from the store’s staff when shopping here, too – you can get advise on what to buy and how to best combine the products offered to create the perfect treatment for yourself.


When you’re going to shop for cosmetics, at least make it worth your money – at, you can be assured that you’ll be spending it on quality!


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