Functionalab Review

Functionalab, a cosmetics supplement manufacturer, immediately makes a solid impression with their website – stylish and elegant, it gives you quick access to their (impressively wide) range of products. We’re hearing more and more about this company lately – so we decided to give them a try and see how good their stuff is. With so many different products offered at their website, of course we couldn’t try everything, but we did see enough results to get a solid impression of the quality of this company’s products.

Ordering and receiving the items went without a hassle, and we got our package safely and relatively quickly. The prices can be a bit too steep for the common pocket though, so be prepared – this isn’t just any cosmetics manufacturer, they produce high-grade items and the price corresponds to that. Though on the bright side, you’ll also get your product in a stylish package, especially if it comes in a bottle.

We tried some of their anti-aging formulas, as well as the weight-reducing ones. Our impressions from the anti-aging solutions were really good, to be honest – the products work just as described, and their effects are actually produced very quickly when compared to some other similar products we’ve tried. We should say that the weight management solution was a bit disappointing though. They have the standard range of products – antioxidants, Acai, etc – but nothing really stands out from the rest, like their anti-aging products do.

The company also offers some supplements for those who lead an active sports life, ranging from energy drinks and supplements to various nutrients and vitamins designed to increase your productivity. We didn’t get to try those, but what we noticed was that the prices were even higher in that department – really high compared to the competitors on the market right now. Still, looking at the quality we got from what we did try, we can say that your money will probably be well-spent if you decide to go for these products.

If you decide you like a particular product, you should stock up on it though – we did notice some availability problems, and it seemed that whenever a product went out of stock, this lasted for quite a while. Take this into account and buy several packages well in advance to avoid these shortages. The problems only seemed to affect some specific products, mostly in the nutritions department – look around and see what’s available and what isn’t.

If you’re unsure what to buy, they can put you in touch with certified nutritionists – a rather unique service which always speaks well of a service’s quality. The only downside is that communication isn’t instant (you can send a message and wait for a reply), but that’s not really a reason to complain. The FAQ and help sections were well-structured and written and provided enough information related to any problems you may experience during your visit at the website. Not much to say here.


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