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As a gourmet diet food delivery service, Freshology offers quite a lot to its customers, both in regards to the food’s quality, as well as their way of serving you as a client. Let’s start with the basics though – we realize this type of service may not be very popular around you, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone if you said you’re not familiar with how it works – but the basic idea is the following: if you lead a busy life but still want to take care of your figure, you need to use a diet catering service; companies like Freshology can deliver you pre-cooked meals that are both tasty and healthy, so that you can shave off quite a lot of time and effort from your schedule!

Now, when it comes to first impressions, we admit that Freshology did leave us with a bit of unsatisfied expectations – we’ve seen some more impressive homepage designs from other similar websites, and while the one used here wasn’t bad per se, we just felt they could present the information in a lot more concise way. For example, considering they’re only offering two main payment schemes, you’d expect sufficient focus to be given to their contents – while instead, you’ll have to be taken through an additional menu to examine those.

The menus aren’t shipped on a daily basis (understandable), instead you get two shipments a week containing several days’ worth of food. While this is certainly very convenient for those concerned about their time, you should keep in mind that the food won’t be as fresh if you leave it for several days, so you’ll have to sacrifice some of that juicy sensation to make up for the convenience.

The food itself is certainly very well-picked and appropriate for any kind of diet – you’ll get a well-balanced menu with all sorts of foods, covering all of the important food groups and keeping you well-fed throughout the day. One downside is that the meals are spread in the traditional “three large meals a day” fashion, instead of separating them into smaller but more frequent meals as it’s recommended to do nowadays, but you should be able to divide them appropriately if you need to follow a more special system like that.

One downside of the service is that they don’t seem to cater to vegetarians a lot – all of the menus include meat in some way, and you’ll be hard pressed to transform those diets into something appropriate for a vegetarian’s taste. With that in mind, if you’re concerned about this sort of thing, this service may not be quite the best choice for you – but you should still contact them to discuss a more customized, personal menu that caters to your taste. After all, their customer service is one of the aspects the website is most renowned for, and with that in mind, they should be able to at direct you to another service that can fulfill your needs.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    I love Freshology. It has worked great for me. The food is really good and I feel great. This program is so easy! Just open the box and get started.

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