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Fresh Look Hair Review

If you’re looking for a fix to any of your hair-related problems, you may seriously want to consider taking a look at Fresh Look Hair. The store may strike as a bit low-quality at a first glance, but after you’ve browsed around a bit – and definitely after you’ve tried one of their products – you’ll find out why so many people have been turning to their services lately.

Pricing and Product Variety

The store sells several products aimed at hair care. Their flagship product is the BodipHier Natural Hair Relaxer – which we decided to try as part of our test; there were some pretty far-fetched claims about its efficiency made at the website – but as soon as we received our order, we found out why.

The product not only relaxes your hair and allows it to grow better, but it does so without the use of any chemicals or artificial products. Judging by this, we can safely guess that the other products listed in their catalog should be top notch as well. We noticed they sell some generic hair care products, such as ceramic flat irons, blow dryers and vitamins, so you can shop for an all-around hair care package here.

The prices can be a bit steep for the common pocket, but if you want generic quality you can always vouch for the products in your neighborhood store – they’ll cost you a lot less, but you won’t get the same fine quality as you will from Fresh Look Hair’s selection of products.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The store has been made somewhat cluttered in its design, and you may experience some trouble browsing it initially. However, once you get over that initial hurdle, you’ll notice that it gives you access to quite a lot of information without obstructing your view with anything that’s actually useless – in fact, we can say that we haven’t seen many other stores out there presenting their information in such an organized manner.

The choice of colors seems a bit odd, but in the end it works nicely and doesn’t give any issues to the user. You should be prepared for some overly bright color choices, but that shouldn’t bother you that much unless you’re using some crazy brightness settings on your monitor.

Purchasing and Customer Support

Their checkout system is a bit outdated, and gives some problems to people with slower connections (as the system needs to process lots of data and does so slowly, the connection can sometimes drop – at least from what we’ve read as complaints around the Internet). If you’re using a stable connection though, this shouldn’t be a problem to you at all.

The store may not offer much in terms of customer support, but at least their help section is comprehensive enough, and contains lots of useful information that can assist you in your purchase, but also in maintaining your hair in a good condition in general.


If you want to treat your hair with something a bit more special, this is one of the stores that can serve your needs just perfect – just don’t expect a lot of flashiness from the design.


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