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FramesDirect Review

Glasses are an indispensable accessory of both men and women’s attire nowadays. When it comes to regular optical glasses, they can “magnify” the impression of one’s intelligence and general well-being. Some people go as far as to adopt wearing glasses with no magnification regularly, as part of their image – you can even see this tactic being used by politicians. Sunglasses, on the other hand, are something no person concerned about their style can overlook.

FramesDirect is a retailer that deals with this type of accessory exactly – and you can find a huge variety of both regular and sunglasses at this store.

Pricing and Product Variety

Upon opening the main page, you’ll immediately see ads for several renowned brands, including DKNY and Ray-Ban. This should immediately tip you off about the product selection offered here – but in case you didn’t get the hint, you can buy some of the best brands of glasses from this store. They offer other optical accessories as well, such as contact lenses and frames – though since their main focus is on the glasses themselves, their variety in that department is somewhat limited.

Pricing is a kind of tricky subject here. If you’ve heard of the brands we mentioned above, then you know that they’re renowned as examples of high quality and luxury – with that in mind, don’t expect to find anything cheap here. Be prepared to spend as much as $100 for some of the more basic models – and if you want to get your hands on something really good, even that won’t seem like much. Still, what can we say – quality is quality and it’s never cheap.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The website is very easy to navigate – a clean menu on the left will take you to the brand of your choice immediately, without having to go through complicated submenus and selections. If you’re not sure what you need, you can browse the store’s selection through an alternative menu located at the top.

It’s visually pleasing, if a bit simple – though minimalistic designs are the hype nowadays, so we can’t blame them for their choice. The designers have done their job outstandingly well, and that’s of course to be expected from a website that deals with merchandise of this quality.

Purchasing and Customer Support

We didn’t expect any problems as we approached the checkout section, and we weren’t wrong – everything went smoothly, we paid for the selected products and had them delivered promptly. Also, even though the store’s prices are a bit too pinchy, they still have some very attractive promotions running constantly, shaving off 10-15% off the prices of some quality models – so have a look. Live support is available if you need it, plus a comprehensive help section.


Whether you need something to correct your vision, or give your face a stylish new look – you’ll most certainly find the product that solves your problem in FramesDirect. If you can cope with the prices, this website will provide you with the best of quality in glasses.


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  1. cheap glasses online Says:

    Framesdirect is really a excellent website. The only problem is they have a bad products picture

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