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FragranceX Review

As an online store dealing with perfumes and fragrances, FragranceX doesn’t immediately impress you with anything in particular. You can see some popular brands and some rather attractive prices listed on the front page as soon as you get in, but apart from that, it just seems to be a regular online perfumery. On the other hand, hidden around the website are some little gems that will make your life a lot more easier when shopping here – more on that below.

Product Selection and Prices

FragranceX offers a very good selection of products. You can find all kinds of perfume brands, and the most popular ones are listed as well. As soon as you’re on the website, you can see what’s currently popular in a neatly structured list on the left. There are also hints telling you which the currently most popular brands are for men and women respectively, while also giving you tips on new brands you may like.

The prices are a bit pinchy, especially those of the high-grade perfumes – be prepared to pay the rates of a premium boutique. On the other hand, you can regularly find promotions on the front page, which can easily knock off a couple dozen bucks off your purchase. It’s not much, but it’s always better than paying the full price, right?

Design and Navigation

The designers of FragranceX obviously knew what they were doing – the site just lets you move around very easily and unhindered. The best part about it though, is how it constantly hints you at products you may be interested in – while that’s becoming more or less a common feature in online stores, we did notice an impressive rate of accuracy demonstrated by this store’s tool – almost every suggestion it made seemed viable!

Ordering and Customer Support

Before you order, you may want to check out the store’s credit options – given the high prices and the bulk discounts, it’s generally a better idea to shop well ahead of time from this store. And looking at their savings lists, you can find some pretty attractive promotions to accommodate you on that. You can even buy your items on a credit-like payment scheme, where you’ll be paying them off in monthly installments as opposed to having to pay the entire sum in whole.

Final Thoughts

We know that regular perfume shoppers can be picky – you always need to go for the best when getting your next bottle of fragrance, and thus you’re probably reluctant to trying out a new store just like that. But if you give FragranceX a chance, we can assure you you’ll hardly be dissatisfied – the store excels in every way you could imagine, while also allowing you to make the best of your money and really save up. Try not to let your first impressions guide you for once, and disregard anything you might’ve thought of the website based on what you initially saw – and you’ll see the true quality of their service.


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