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Fragrance House Review

A variety of online stores offer perfumes and colognes nowadays – you can either make your selection at one of the more general stores, dealing with all sorts of cosmetics, or go with a more specialized retailer that sells fragrances primarily. Fragrance House is of the latter type, as it’s a store that deals exclusively with fragrance-related products. We’d heard the name pop up here and there before, but didn’t really hear anything specific about them – so we decided to put them to a test.

Product Selection and Prices

The website immediately makes a good impression with their product range – there’s a huge list of brands available, and they’re made really obvious to see as soon as you open the main page. We even managed to find some of the more obscure (yet quality) brands which we had only seen on a couple of other websites.

Prices are good, if a bit too high for some of the products – on the other hand, there seem to be some constantly-running promotions and special offers, such as getting free gifts for purchases over a certain amount (or of a specific product). Wholesale discounts also seem to be a regular thing here, which is also always a good sign.

Design and Navigation

As we mentioned earlier, the list of products is given sufficient visual attention, and you can immediately see the beginning of their selection in a menu on the left. The brands are alphabetically ordered by default, so finding the one you’re interested in should be a piece of cake.

We were a bit disappointed with the category separation though – focus seems to be given to the most popular categories only, like men/women’s fragrances and kid products, but if you need something a bit more specific you’ll have to go through several sub-menus to get to it – which can turn out to be somewhat irritating at times.

In terms of visuals, the website is spot on – nothing too catchy or distracting, just the amount of information you need to make your progress seamlessly.

Ordering and Customer Support

No negative remarks in terms of the ordering and shipping procedure – it all went flawlessly, from the checkout to receiving the product. There are some discounts available for the more expensive shipping plans, in case you don’t want to spend that much.

The website offers a comprehensive, nicely structured help section that should make it easy to find a solution to any problem you might be experiencing. Sorry, no live support here – though everything you might need should already be covered in the help section, so we can’t say this is really such a disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

It does have its quirks, but it still made an impression on us that few other websites managed to deliver – it’s an example of just how good a website can be based on its content and quality of service, without having to resort to any gimmicky features such as concentrating on eye candy.


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