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Have you ever considered that you could get a personal trainer without ever having to actually meet them in person? Well, the Internet sure opens up many possibilities for its users – and this is one of them. FitOrbit is a service of this type, allowing you to get your own personal trainer with whom you’ll communicate over the Internet, and he/she’ll create the perfect workout routine for you – tailored, of course, to your own needs, just like any personal trainer would do it.

The company doesn’t only offer a personal trainer service though – you’ll also get access to nutrition information, with your trainer carefully picking your meals and arranging your diet to your own likings. If you enjoy visiting a certain restaurant, it’s no problem either – your trainer will prepare your diet accordingly, making sure to include meals from the places you frequent.

There’s a good amount of community interaction as well – for example, you can see people’s activities listed on the front page, showing you what’s recently been going on (such as people performing exercises or eating specific meals, and it also displays the trainer who recommended the appropriate action). Users get credited with “extra credits” for performing exercises outside of their routine, as well as doing other actions that show dedication.

One of the good things about FitOrbit is their pricing – they even make it obvious on their purchase page. While a regular personal trainer plus a nutritionist will cost you as much as $1000 a month, the service provided by FitOrbit costs just $40 monthly, and that’s with the most expensive plans. They also offer some very good saving deals if you subscribe for long periods of time, letting you save up to 50% on your weekly cost if you buy a subscription for half a year or so.

The website provides a good variety of articles related to fitness and bodybuilding as well – there’s plenty of information related to living and staying healthy, plus tips from professional trainers and athletes. Some of the information is actually provided for free, so you can see what you’ll be getting into before actually spending any money.

Speaking of which, the website also has a great money-back guarantee, allowing you to feel safe on your purchases knowing that you’ll be repaid completely in case you’re not satisfied with their services. From what we could see though, it’s not very likely this would happen – the site just gives a strong dedication to its customer service, and they offer such high-quality level of personal instruction and nutrition expertise that for this price, it’s basically a steal! So what are you waiting for? You can get in shape, starting today – you just need to get somebody to push you forward. Don’t expect this site to solve your problems magically though, of course you’ll still have to put effort from yourself.


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  1. Only Good Says:

    Fitorbit does not allow much in the way of customization by the “trainer.” I’ve been on it for months now, I won’t be renewing.

  2. Jen Hicks Says:

    Ugh, don’t waste your time or money on FitOrbit. The food entry device is the most laborious food journal you could think of inventing. And the “personalized” training is not personal at all…just some random exercises lumped together. I am even starting to wonder if there are real trainers working there or if there are just profiles of trainers.

  3. Traci Says:

    It’s unfortunate that you’ve had bad experiences with FitOrbit. It is absolutely not correct that that the trainer isn’t allowed “customization”. As a trainer with FitOrbit, I can assure you that the plans are completely customizeable from the food to the exercise. If you don’t feel like your plan suits you, switch trainers. Many of us work hard to customize the plans and put together a “make-sense” plan. Communication is key…let your trainer know how you feel! Maybe they think they’e making it easier for you by keeping it basic.

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