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FitBrains Review

Training your brain is an important activity today. You may not realize the importance of performing it regularly, but your brain is receiving so much information on a constant basis in today’s busy life, that you simply cannot expect it to operate on an efficient level for long if you don’t invest some time into improving it and helping it reorganize its information in a better manner.

FitBrains is an interesting new approach to this type of problem – you simply play games which have all been designed with the common goal of stimulating your brain activity.

The site offers a very good selection of games, which should fit your taste regardless if you’re a casual computer user who doesn’t play games at all, or an avid gamer looking for some more challenge than usual. The games are divided into several categories, according to the type of brain activity they’re improving – for example, there are games that improve your concentration, some that train your memory, and there are also games that can help you learn a language better.

We tried some of them and were impressed with the way they were designed – even though they’re mostly casual games, it’s obvious their designers have put a considerable number of work hours into them, and they’re really well-polished. The games come with some eye-catching graphics, nicely written music, as well as good explanations on their goals (as some can look a bit confusing at first).

As for how well they work – we can’t really comment on that part as we didn’t get to try them out for long enough. We did feel refreshed after clicking around for a while in several of them though, and while we’re not sure if it was a placebo effect or there was really something in the games that added to the brain’s state of well-being – there was definitely some effect there that was noticeable.

It can be a bit difficult to find a game you’re after around the website, after having played it once though – they don’t offer a search engine, and the categories are a bit “overcrowded” in the sense that you’ll have to do a lot of digging before you finally get to the game you’re after. If you create an account you get access to some features that make that easier though, such as building a favorites list and keeping track of what you’ve played and how often you fire up certain games – so if you find yourself visiting the site frequently, you’ll definitely find this functionality convenient and useful.

In the end, is it worth it? We can’t say for sure – the games are definitely entertaining and can provide for some good hours of fun if you’ve got some time to kill, but if you’re looking for an answer to the question about their effectiveness, we guess you’ll just have to try them out for yourself – we know it doesn’t sound very comforting, but it’s the best way to see what the site really has to offer.


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