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eVitamins Review

Having to review health stores is never easy – with so many of them around, the competition is staggering and the innovations brought about keep changing the market. EVitamins gives off a slightly different impression with its name, but you can rest assured that the store doesn’t only specialize in vitamins, but all sorts of health products as well. That said, their vitamin selection alone is quite impressive, so if you need to stock up on your supplies in that area – this is definitely the place to go.

Pricing and Product Variety

You can find A LOT of products here. Like we said, not just vitamins, but just about anything healthcare-related that you can think of – weight loss and nutrition products, bodybuilding supplements, even products for pet health. They’re grouped conveniently, so that you should have no problem making your way around the store. One thing that should make your life a bit easier when browsing the store is the way the products are grouped either by brands or by the health conditions they’re solving.

As for prices, something you’ll notice immediately are the discounts – most of the products come at severely reduced rates compared to their retail prices, so you’re saving quite a lot by shopping here. It’s also worth noting that they frequently offer shipping discounts, as well as keep you informed on their latest promotions. All in all, pricing is not an issue at all when shopping here, and will likely be a factor of attraction for you.

Ease of Use and Visuals

The site places a great emphasis on accessibility to the products – there are no flashy introduction pages or anything like that – as soon as you load the main page, you’re presented with a list of popular products and current hot offers. From the top, you can navigate to the various sections of the store and make your way to the categories that you need. On the right, you can see a list of the top promotions available at the moment, mostly from the supplement categories.

Visually it’s pleasing and a bit plain – the combination of white/light blue gives off an impression of professional design, and everything about the way the site has been made attributes to its ease of use. You can easily order more than one of a product without having to click the “add to cart” button like crazy, and everything is easy to find.

Purchasing and Customer Support

No problem placing an order and receiving it – checkout was swift and with no extra hassle. The system they’re using is secure and really impressive in the speed it processes the orders with – something that’s been quite problematic with online stores. Shipping comes at a universal cost of $4.99 (though some conditions apply, of course). Customer support is top notch, the store even offers a toll-free hotline for you to discuss any issues with their staff.


It may seem like just another health store from the first few clicks, but it quickly adds up to that impression and helps you realize that few stores can provide this quality of service.


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  1. Kristin @eVitamins Says:

    Thank you for the nice review of our store! Very happy to hear you had a great experience shopping with us.

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